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Foggy Day Friends

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I woke up this morning feeling sort of human, but definitely with pea soup fogbrain. I managed to chuck enough caffeine at it to clear it up by afternoon, but that had a headache to follow it. Which meant pills, and more caffeine, ’cause I wanted to be in semi-decent form. Why? I was having a friend to visit for… Read more »

Regal AF

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We have two cats, siblings Batman and Poison. Poison was named before we ever got her (or knew she was a girl) because I am a smart-ass. In Z’s parent’s garage, there was a rat poison dish that looked like a fancy monogrammed pet dish, with the word ‘Poison’ on it. And I’m like… that’s hilarious, I’m naming our future… Read more »

Spiral On

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I’ve made some decent progress on my second sock this weekend, tra la! I finished and turned the heel, and am making lovely progress down the foot. I’m not counting on having it done before Thursday’s knitting session, but I’m just happy that, once again, that second sock feels like it flies by as compared to the first. I’m always… Read more »

I’m Still Me

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One thing Smallhausen was worried about with me getting new glasses and recolouring my hair is that I would, somehow, no longer be myself. She was patting my hair earlier and declaring it still not to be red (the butt <3), but that I was still me. That was good. Even if it was a silly quasi-fear, I wasn’t going… Read more »

The Not-Quite Faceplant

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I was feeling the brain fog hard this morning. Like, it took me over half an hour of blinking before I could get my body moving out of bed. I felt a bit bad about it ’cause Z had to get Smallhausen to school, and there I was, unintentionally taking my sweet time. Hopefully I’ll feel more human after the… Read more »

Attempting Order out of Disorder

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Alas, the things I’m trying to sort aren’t exactly this half of my desk, ha ha. I *DID* finally sit down and finish inventorying my wool supplies, so that was pleasing. Hah, so of course I stand up and try to move things around a little bit. It’s still pretty bad, but it’s just that little bit more ordered. I… Read more »

I Hate to Post and Run, But…

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I don’t know why, but on nights when I’m out, when I get home and mail my blog pictures to myself from my phone, they take for-effin-ever to get to me, forcing me to send them another route. It’s very frustrating because oh hey, I’m tired and want to get in bed. But I have set myself this task of… Read more »

That Western War

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Being, of course, the correct way to eat a scone during a cream tea. For what it’s worth, I had one each way and couldn’t make my mind up as to which was better, so I guess I’m just going to have to eat more scones until I have a more definitive opinion. I suspect that it’s going to be… Read more »

It Burns!

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I’m pretty rubbish about getting out in natural light, so I couldn’t resist suggesting that my milky-white skin was gonna catch on fire from exposure. But I said I was going to get outside and get a picture of my hair colour in natural light, so voila. Bonus, you get to see the new glasses as well. I am quite… Read more »

It Looked Better on Paper

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Okay so like, my hair looked more artfully tumbled when I looked at in the mirror than it came out in this picture, honest. But I’m still happy enough using it for today’s post, if only ’cause I can’t think of anything else to take a picture of right now. I can say that I am more jazzed by my… Read more »