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Oh Sweet Oblivion

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Or the complete opposite, really, but I’ve had the line from the song stuck in my head, so I had to get it out. The a/c has actually done an admirable job of keeping things tolerable! The mercury hit mid-90s outside, which just… ugh. Z had to run an errand for his dad and he came back in declaring just… Read more »

Speed Racing

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This sock is going like woah, which is yay. Part of the speeding up process is that the foot of the sock is less stitches than ‘traditional’. I was worried that it was going to be too slim, but I feel a bit more confident now that I’ve got some progress made on it. I don’t know how far I… Read more »


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I am almost done with this leggy part of the first sock, which is wonderful and delightful and stuff. I’m also really happy with how the colour is working up; I love that the gray has green and blue feels in it. Past that, generic day was generic. Work got done, food got eaten, life rolls on as usual. And… Read more »


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Z commented to me earlier when going over his plans for dinner, ‘I hope you’re hungry.’ Turns out I was, ha ha. I ate allll of it and haven’t been slammed by ‘okay sleep now’, though I’m sure that’s not too far off. *yawns* And as you can probably spot at the back of the picture — I’ve made some… Read more »


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And lo, socks finished last night, and on my feet today — and next pair started off as well. I’ve picked a really straightforward pattern, so I’m making good process without having to think about it. Might do the same sort of thought pattern on my next pair, get stuff done, not thinking… not thinking gooood. Past that, just being… Read more »

Doot Doot

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Managed to drag my corpse through a bath first thing this morning, and per usual, nothing quite like clean hair to make a soul feel refreshed. Add in getting a chance to do my nails earlier, and aww yisss. Z had gone around to help his mother get her grocery delivery order prepped, so yanno, kids went, I had space,… Read more »

Various Bits

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First off — I might well finish this sock tonight. I know that I need to try to be a wee bit careful, ’cause I did my back in yesterday and thankfully managed to get comfortable and to sleep without taking pain meds. I’ve got a page of patterns bookmarked from the company that made the wool that my socks… Read more »

Sweeter Than Candy

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Z had ordered some new curtains for the girls’ room this week; they had blackout curtains, but they were dinosaurs and several years old. So now they have lovely blue curtains that they agreed upon, which are also to the thermal controlling side of life as well. And this? We’d clocked it when shopping for Littler’s birthday, and Z had… Read more »


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I’d put my hair up in buns earlier because I had a random urge to. Between doing them tighter than I realised and Batman battering them with his full body for five minutes, they ended up in this artistic mess once I tried to take them down. I think that it actually sort of works — not that I could… Read more »