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She Wasn’t Impressed

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The camera app that came with my phone has an option where you can tap in the centre of the screen, and it will focus on whatever it’s centered upon. I was looking at Poison there and gave it a go, and came out with this overexposed hilarity. I mean, it does pick her out better than it would have… Read more »

Phteven the Unicorn

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Now, I didn’t expect much from a cheap Adopt-a-Unicorn toy, but I didn’t expect the latest incarnation of the Phteven meme. I mean, did the toy designer ever lay eyes on a horse before? Smalls called it adorable, which was sweet of her. Everything about it is so wonky that like… I don’t even know. *laughs* I’ve got it tucked… Read more »

She’s Jerry-rigged

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Today has been a surprisingly productive day. I managed to get a really good amount of work done; I’m almost to the first ‘caught up’ point that I want to get to. I should easily get past that tomorrow, barring emergencies or the like. I was surprised to be productive in part because I am still in crash from the… Read more »

We Need a Sign

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Today’s photograph comes to you compliments of my trip to the hospital this morning (more on that in a bit). I was surprised to notice that the street sign appeared to be missing, so I took a picture. After all, my obsession with signs *can* include an absence of, so. Now, imagine my surprise to find out it’s actually been… Read more »

Twinkle Twinkle

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To my annoyance, I cannot currently find many of the stitch markers that I’ve made. I know that several of them broke because the gauge of the wire I was using was too fine, but I plan on experimenting with that in the near future. And, in general, just to make a few more markers. I like making them, so… Read more »


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The last couple of school runs, Littler has decided that we were going an alternate route home. I don’t really mind, because yanno, change of scenery. This little flower has been chilling there for at least a couple of weeks now. I suspect it will be gone sooner rather than later as the weather continues to descend into winter. Honestly,… Read more »

Blanket Monster

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Today, I did an excellent job of being a blanket monster. I didn’t have any reason to leave the house, and had every reason to be curled up in my chair, so I opted for style and comfort. I didn’t end up being as productive work-wise as I had hoped for, but that’s fine too. In numbers it looked worse… Read more »

It Tricked Me!

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The morning started out icy and bright, assuring me that the overnight sub-freezing temperatures promised occurred. I even fancied that it snowed a bit overnight, even though that absolutely wasn’t going to happen. But if I could use it to pry myself out of a nice warm bed to peek out the window and confirm this, then it was a… Read more »

Ninja Hugs

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There is a… for a lack of a better phrase… a toddler meme called ‘Johnny Johnny’. As I have a only just not a toddler, we all know it well. Instead of asking her if she was eating sugar or candy, I asked her if she was hugging her father. This was her approach to it before responding to me…. Read more »

That Could Have Gone Better

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Since tomorrow is Bonfire Night, that means we’ve had fireworks going off for at least the past week. I figured with as many as are going off tonight that I’d be able to get a good picture to use for this post… as you can see, I was wrong. *laughs* Any time that I made it outside, no matter how… Read more »