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Well, they’re not so sprawled in this picture, but they sure are right now. Naw like, the sprawl is just them growing and getting longer. They’re still kittenish in my eyes, but I know they’re getting bigger (and the aforementioned longer) every day. Such good boys. Nothing much on the hook today. Some pretty dice I ordered came in. Waiting… Read more »

Waiting for Rain

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It’s supposed to rain this evening, with a chance of thunderstorms. Yes please? The humidity has been gross all day, and I would looooove for it to get yanked down a few notches before I try sleeping. Speaking of gross, Z and I sat down and discussed our summer plans. We agree that we’re not up to going to the… Read more »


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I got the hankering to make stitch markers today, so I did. They’re jumbo beauties for 20mm needles. They’re a teeny bit fragile ’cause the big loop wire is on the softer side, but they should be fine with normal use. I’ll have to remember to add an addendum about that when I put the listings up. Oooh, and just… Read more »


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First things first — finally got those photos done! And edited, and listings up. I think I finally cracked my lighting set-up. Of course, still had to do some post-editing, but I guess that’s always going to be the case to get the levels more better. Raven was helping by being where I wanted to set up, of course. Vivi… Read more »


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You know how it is, you plan on doing x or y, and ADHD says ‘oooh, Z!’. So that means I ended up going through my stitch markers to check that the stock quantities were correct. Which has also included making a few here and there. It’s been nice. 🙂 It’s just like… we’re chilling, and Eurovision is tonight. Smalls… Read more »

Two Scoops

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The boys were snuffling around down near me, so I figured I’d see if I could scoop them up and take a picture with them. They were very tolerant! I didn’t keep them for more than a handful of seconds, but they were calm until I let them go (and then they wandered off to do their own things again)…. Read more »


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It’s another one of those days where it’s nicer outside than inside… yay over-insulated British homes. ¬¬ And yes, actually went outside for a postbox run. Illness has finally caught up with Z, so I was trying to spare him a few steps. I also made dinner for our three children… yeah, three. J is over visiting Smalls, and decided… Read more »

Tall Tales

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‘And it was thii-iii-is big!’ Vivi seems to be saying. Cutely. As many cats, as many big personalities as I’ve had over the years, this boy is something special. Raven is a doll too, most of the time. He has a tendency to wake up, then come yell at me for 10 minutes. Mooom pay attention to me! No not… Read more »


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Sorry to miss y’all yesterday, but I was having like, THE worst day, health-wise. I picked up some degree of whatever bug poor Smalls brought home. Like, I was in so much discomfort and pain that I couldn’t sleep it off… what the ever loving hell is that, I ask you. I started feeling a bit better this morning once… Read more »