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All Good

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The kids are booked in for a post-op inspection tomorrow morning, but the vet office also called today to check in. Bless these napping beauties, I was able to twist ’em around to check their surgery sites without waking them. Everything is looking good and clean, so hopefully the vets agree tomorrow. I’ve been busy today. Like, didn’t get a… Read more »

End of the Line

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And lo, the children have been to the vet, and are back home — less testicles, thank the stars. They hadn’t started spraying or anything of the like, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t fretting about it on some level. They’re currently a bit on the high side of life, and Vivi is hunkered down over the food bowl in… Read more »

Family Heirloom

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This, with Raven, is Tinysaur. We bought Tinysaur as a toy for Batman and Poison, who took zero interest in it. So we gave it to Smalls when they were a baby, and they loved it. Well, it turned up again when we were cleaning Small’s room, so we handed it off to the littles. Which is to say, I… Read more »

The Lovecats

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I looked back behind myself earlier, and saw the kiddos stretching into this formation. And yup, had to take a picture of the adorbs. I mean, it’s not a perfect heart or anything, but it is perfection. Haven’t gotten too much done today. Been kind of brain foggy, plus, it’s my 15th anniversary of having moved here. Not that it… Read more »


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I’ve got my hair up in a high ponytail and it keeps flipping across the front, and it’s making me feel extra adorable today. So yanno, have a dose of mah cuteness! ((Eldest disagrees and laughed their head off. Opinions, opsminions *laughs*)) Mainly, the weather has been that smidge chill again today, so that’s been nice. Got some work done…. Read more »


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We finally got a bit of rain! And by ‘bit’, I mean ‘a handful of downpours’. I’ve got both ends of the lounge cracked a bit wider than normal to try and catch a bit of the breeze. There isn’t much of one, but I can pretend. I managed to come to an accommodation with Vivi; he napped on the… Read more »

New Start

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So yes, socks are finally done (and currently on my feet). So I’ve cast on a blanket… we’ll see how much I manage to do before my brain melts. It’s a corner to corner blanket, so it’s definitely supportive of a ‘fuck, that’s enough’ stance, ha ha. Past that, not a lot. My wires should be coming in tomorrow, very… Read more »

Good Morning

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Vivi likes to come in on a morning and command pets. Since I didn’t have to be out of bed at any particular time, I gave him so many of the pets. I will have to resist the urge tomorrow, since he’ll inevitably want them, but I do have to get out of bed eventually. I guess. *laughs* Nothing particular… Read more »