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Back and Stuff

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We’re home and unpacked, which is yay. Z’s mom made us dinner and brought it over, which was super awesome. We would have managed to make food happen one way or another, but not having to think about it is even better. We also got home to find out that our neighbour died while we were away. I cannot say… Read more »

Almost Over

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Today is the last day of vacation — tomorrow is for traveling home. And while it had been a lovely trip, I look forward to being back in my proper chair with working internet. And, I guess, it’ll be nice to have my unplanned vacation to social media over. I missed out a lot less than I thought I would…… Read more »

Not Texas

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We made our second pass of Blackgang Chine today. This included obligatory purchase is cowboy-related things, which the girls target liked. As for me, I liked that the park was less crowded, and I could take it a bit easier. Which is to say, I’m not in overwhelming pain, which means everything was nmor enjoyable. I don’t know what the… Read more »

Accurate Sign is Accurate

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I wanted to share this picture the other day, but with the whole ‘laptop not recognising’ the internet thing, it was a bit too much of a drama. It’s working today, knock on wood, so I get to share Shanklin’s most accurate sign. I don’t know why anyone would call their salon ‘Booty’, but at least it made for lulz?… Read more »

Generic at its Finest

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We had adopted to pick up some bits, when I see this beauty. I get having a sites brand generic, but this? Lulz. 🤣 Before that, we went to the dinosaur museum. It was a totally worthwhile stop, and well enhanced by sucking it up and using one of the on-site wheelchairs. The pain factor was almost nil, which, bliss…. Read more »


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Ugh so, this too is from my phone because the network continues to blank my laptop. Z says that he had similar drama yesterday, so hopefully it will resolve itself. I’ve done everything I can on my end more or less, so. Today, we made it to the wool shop! I bought some goodies to make socks. And then Z spotted… Read more »

This Onion is Alarmed

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One of my favourite signs in this country is the signs you see on doors proclaiming, ‘This door is alarmed‘. While a perfectly valid language in both British and American English, the default connotation in the latter is that something has been startled or upset, rather than yanno, having an alarm. I commented that this onion looked alarm, and Z… Read more »

Away With the Ferries

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Ferries, faeries, har har har. Z just commented that Smalls says the former like the latter, which… maybe that’s why this went into my head. I don’t really know. It could also be that I am an eXtreme smart-ass. It’s been a pretty decent day all told. We got up at a reasonable hour this morning, which was good ’cause… Read more »

The First Leg

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Hello from a hotel! We have completed the first leg of travel, and are safely ensconced in our room. Z and Smalls went to the car to fetch up a few bits, then we’re gonna have coffee. Coooooffeeee…. *laughs* I’m not the biggest coffee person, but right now, it sounds like bliss. On the whole, the first leg of travel… Read more »