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I couldn’t tell you why it amuses me, but that the wool has sort of developed a rounded shape on the top does at that. It also reminded me that the size of the cake has decreased enough that I can turn it on its side so it feeds through the spiral properly, so that has now been done. Huttah,… Read more »

Crazy Weekend Face (Or Something)

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Yeah, tonight’s picture is what happens when I realise that it’s nearly seven and that I haven’t had any photographic inspiration all day… oh well. *chuckles* Still, it’s been a productive day. Work-wise I got a lot of statements and templates generated, and processed a batch of invoices. Or yanno, did the same generic stuff that I do every day,… Read more »

To Actual Scale

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No, obviously my child isn’t the size in this picture, ha ha. But a parcel came in for Z that wasn’t due today, so I asked her to stand there for comparison. He figured out what it was and that it had actually come two days early, so at least that mystery was solved. And at least it was solved… Read more »


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Today was another day on the Toast Train. While everyone is feeling better, we’re all taking it carefully. Knock on wood, everyone seems to be just about out of the woods. Well. I’m starting to feel a bit dicier, but that might also be in my head. Ah well, at least I got us more bread. And yes, I was… Read more »

Unexpected Repeat

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I woke up this morning to find a bit of snow had fallen. It wasn’t much… really, it was just enough to turn the entire village into a skating rink. It suffices to say that I was very happy that I didn’t have to go out into it, and Z was happy that he didn’t have to walk both kids… Read more »

All the Good Things (And Other Things)

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Last night’s Christmas dinner was lovely. We knew that the food was excellent from last year, so it made it an easy pick for this year (and we’ve already said yes to coming back next year). E and I had a good old natter, we had a nice meal; it was what we probably both needed. Today… today started off… Read more »

Trying Not to Let My Brain Explode

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Today’s picture comes to you compliments of tenacious snow-people shapes. It rained overnight and washed away most of the snow and ice, but there are still bits trying to cling on. It amused me to see three gardens in a row with shapes, so voila. Today’s subject line comes compliments of Mabel from Gravity Falls. While she was referring to… Read more »

Late Night Questing

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Last night after knitting, E and I had to detour to the supermarket on the way home. We had run out of bread, so it’s like hi, I will pick one up, jazz hands, etc. We had a nice little wander, and I managed to avoid most impulse purchasing. I did pick up some cookies, but alas, they turned out… Read more »

Friendsgiving 2017

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While we do our Thanksgiving dinner with R and her husband, and she too is an ex-pat, I prefer to think of it in the British preferred approach to the holiday, which is Friendsgiving. It’s an excuse to get together and eat, which is the basis of most of our organised social events, but I guess it pleases me to… Read more »

Nearly Party Time

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Tonight is the group meal for the Thursday knitting group. I’m looking forward to it, even if I have to surrender control to the rest of the world due to the car still being in need of repair. Mind, I trust J and E just fine on getting a lift there, and I don’t even mind the thought of having… Read more »