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Smoke and Mirrors

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It’s Halloween — SPOOPY TIEMS. I dressed up as Wednesday Addams… aka, pretty much myself. *laughs* I love handing out candy, and because Z got to stay in this time, he hooked up the smoke machine and some disco lights. We got so many compliments from our handful of visitors, so even though I had hoped for more (it started… Read more »

Doodle Time

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Ohai, I’m still alive. I’ve been dealing with low-grade dizziness for the last couple of days, which pretty much destroys brain functionality. So I’m feeling mildly triumphant that I’m starting to doodle for the next Sweary Fruit. I don’t know precisely how I want it to lay out, but if I get some shapes down on a page, then I… Read more »

Couch Crashers

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Today marks the first day we’ve had two cats on the back of the couch since Poison was alive. Which, I know, wasn’t that long ago technically, but it feels like ages. It’s sweet to see them back there in a pile. Well. It’s sweet to see them anywhere in a pile, but anyways. Today is the start of half-term!… Read more »

To the Good

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My hands have been feeling a bit foggy today, so I’ve only done a bit of crochet today. But it’s good, all progress is good on yet another blanket to leave around the house. In other warm news, myself and the kids ordered new winter coats. I’ve not had a new one in years, which is fine to a degree;… Read more »

Little Things

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With each bracelet, I feel like I’m getting something else a little more bedded in. For example, this time I *think* I’m approaching the selvages right by gluing them while still on the loom; I can see now why my previous effort rucked up a bit. So I’m working on the second selvage now, which I’ll finish tonight and get… Read more »


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With the extension going in next door, the bit of lean over fence we had between will be gone. So we figured… get rid of the hedge, then we have a new bit of lean over. S next door was more than amenable; she asked if she could take the secateurs to it. Sure kiddo, have at. I look forward… Read more »


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I was busy editing photos, which means that of COURSE Raven finally wandered downstairs to complain at his mistreatment. He’s been a bit chiller lately about letting me scoop him up and cuddle him up. Of course, that’s not what he really wants, Mama is so mean, etc, but never mind. *chuckles* Not much past that really. Been A Day™┬«… Read more »

Safe Crackers

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Z had the clever idea to put the cat treats in a metal lunchbox. The boys have zero effs about chewing through packages of food or treats if they feel they are being cheated, so it’s mildly hilarious to watch Vivi try to chew his way through a metal lunchbox. He’s not biting hard enough to do himself any harm,… Read more »