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Mail Call!

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I am feeling spoiled today, mail wise. I knew that I was expecting some jeans I had ordered, but I certainly didn’t expect the wool I ordered yesterday to show up! It’s five of the seven balls; the other two are coming from the US warehouse and aren’t here yet. You can’t see in the picture, but there is a… Read more »

‘Harvest Themed’

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Today, Littler’s class had some ‘harvest themed’ events going on during the afternoon session. And while she only attends the morning session on a Friday currently, she was welcome to come back with two guests, so we attended. This picture was from the first activity she took part in, which was dressing up and racing around. I’m not really sure… Read more »

Right into the Sun

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I can’t take credit for today’s image, and indeed I am ashamed to admit that I cannot give credit either. When it comes to finding things in Google Image Search, I have a negative ability at it. So if anyone knows who this was done by, let me know and I’ll link as appropriate. As far as the card goes,… Read more »

It’s For the Birds

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Which is to say, that which is featured in today’s image is. Smallhausen had a school trip to the scout yard as she does pretty much every term, and this was a project they did. It’s got peanuts, raisins, popcorn… all the thing a bird is going to like, right? I just hope that Smalls gets a chance to spot… Read more »

Stay of Cake-ecution

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The Cakefest fundraiser was originally supposed to be Friday night. I’ve had dreams I’d forgotten to make cakes, so I even remembered to bring my recipe binder through so I could start looking for what recipe (or two) I felt like doing. I saw today that the event has been bumped off to the seventh, so that means I don’t… Read more »

Bow, Humans

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What you see here are the faces of two felines who are not amused at the slaggardness of their human slaves. They were closing in on Z (just out of picture), becauseĀ  they were hungry and he hadn’t fed them immediately upon arrival home. Of course, if they had their way, they would have a constant supply of food to… Read more »


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I knew that yesterday would catch up with me, even if I didn’t know how. We were out walking around stores for a few hours, which is going to take its toll. I forgot to take my meds until late, which always risks ruining my sleep. I was relieved when I woke up feeling mainly human-shaped. So of course, it… Read more »

Ridiculous Threads

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In addition to Z’s parents generously buying us a new bed, they have also told us to buy new linens for it. They quoted us a figure that we were bemused by… but quickly understood when we started shopping a bit more upscale like they would. And they met mum’s approval, hee hee. I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to… Read more »

The Happiest Fattytum

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This is a picture from the other day that I had forgotten I’d taken of our cat, Poison. Of our two, she’s the one that tends to health problems, so sometimes hides herself away and avoids the world. So it’s always a bit pleasing when she’s feeling enough herself to roll around in a sunbeam, basking us in the adorableness… Read more »


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I got it into my head today to maintenance the vacuum cleaner. After some unclogging, de-hairing, and a touch of super glue, it seemed to be in fairly good nick. So I tested it on my rug. And then I picked up toys and vacuumed the other rug. And then I ended up doing the foyer and the study; the… Read more »