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Mushroom Party

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I noticed we had a couple of little mushrooms growing in the front yard on the way home, so I had to stop and take a few pictures. I know nothing about mushrooms other than ‘Don’t be an idiot, get them from the store’.  Even if I did educate myself, paranoia would convince me that I was gonna die no… Read more »

Laundry Inspector

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Any time I’ve got the clean laundry spread across the bed, Batman thinks that it is his solemn duty to bury himself in my share of it. I get it, he’s my jealous boyfriend, and he’s got to get his smell all over my things. I annoyed him by trapping him in and smooching his face — after annoying him… Read more »

Surprise, Bed!

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Z and I arranged to go recce the bed shops to see if we could find something we liked. What we didn’t expect was to find the perfect thing right there in front of us in the first shop we went to. What you’re seeing is now ex-display Tempur mattresses, saving us over a thousand pounds because they are ‘last… Read more »

It Looked Better in Person

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I stood up to open the window because I thought I had heard thunder, and instead was treated to a lovely little double rainbow. It was only there for a minute or so, and the second rainbow started going before I could get a camera on it, but you can just about see it if you squint. I failed in… Read more »

Going, Going, Gone

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I took this picture when we were out for a little trip to the interchange. Smallhausen is in football club this term, and Z thought it would be a good idea to get her some shin guards, so we did that. I also poked my head into Matalan briefly to see if they had any nice looking jeans, and then… Read more »

Stealth Buttle-ing

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At some point last night, I got the brilliant idea to start drawing little butts on E’s things. I don’t think she clocked the two that I did on her magazine, but she did see it when I leaned right in her space to do it on her notebook. *giggles* She was too busy chatting to really care, and even… Read more »

Aw Hell

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I decided yesterday that it would be a good idea to ball/cake up the skeins of wool I was using to make my blanket. I got a sizable cake of the black done before switching to a ball, while the pink… well. It started to snarl up from the get go, so I ended up doing a huge freaking ball… Read more »

I Lean

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Which, I blush to admit, is a terrible pun on Aileen, which is the named storm currently blowing its way into/across the UK. The winds bothered the girls last night enough to wake them up, which means they didn’t get the sleep they needed. Z made sure their windows were sealed tight for tonight rather than leaving them cracked for… Read more »


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I have to preface with saying that yes, cinnamon rolls happened, but my dumbass left the oven on half the day before I was reminded that the oven was on. Whups. But at least they did happen, and were well received by the fam (and I got to eat most of them anyways <__<). Today has been a laid back… Read more »

Beauty Is

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It was a rainy school run, so I grabbed any umbrellas I could find for it. Which means I could only find Smallhausen’s umbrella, as we leave it hanging up in the downstairs toilet. I guess that was fine, as the worst of the rain trying to get in my face was on the way to school. It was still… Read more »