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Halloween Means Picture Spam

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Okay, not like, *super* spam, but there’s obviously pictures of the kids, of candy, and of me. I blagged together something witchy to hand out candy in, because I like having fun too. I wish I’d picked up a properly sized hat when we were out shopping earlier, ’cause this one kept blowing off my head before I could open… Read more »

Hats Go Marching On

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Yeah yeah yeah, more little tiny hats. I’m starting to see where the pattern repeats give or take, which is fun to watch. ESPECIALLY when there’s a chance it won’t be a ‘proper’ repeat. I have to say, doing these in variegated wool keeps it a lot more interesting than single-coloured wool. Past that, just doing my best to be… Read more »

It Begins

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We got stuck into doing our Halloween pumpkins today. There’s four to be done, and we got the first two sorted through. Which means Z doing carving as directed by Smallhausen, and me doing lots of scraping and scooping. Arm day anyone? Not that I have any exercise day, but it amused me to lampoon a thing that is so… Read more »

Storage Sweet Storage

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After hauling the wool to Pins & Needles last night, I decided I needed to get serious about re-re-re-retackling the disorganisation of my crafting supplies. I’d commented to Z that we needed to get me another storage unit to match the one I had so I could stack them, and then spent much too long online trying to find an… Read more »

There and Back Again

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This is going to be a short one, ’cause it’s super late. I got home from Pins & Needles 10 minutes or so ago, and have been flailing all of them (because for one, I forgot to take my meds with me. Whups). Pain: I woke up this morning in incredibly painful pain. Like, I thought I was having a… Read more »

Shake Your Legs

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Ta da, the body is done on the giraffe! Or cow, if you ask Smallhausen. Whatever kiddo, if you want to call it a cow, then you can do that. I’m just glad that it’s coming out mainly looking alright. I’ve learned a few things about how to knit better the next toy I make, to include doing long tail… Read more »

Mail Call

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Apparently, today was the day I got my head together and got my outgoing mail sorted. I have that parcel to send to a friend in the States, and I also have my absentee ballot to send in. Seeing as how Texas is suddenly being declared a swing state by some people, I felt that I really extra needed to… Read more »

Slowly Forward

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I’ve not done a lot today, which is fine by me. I’ve done some knitting, I’ve taken care of the kids, and I’ve continued wallowing in the ancient fun of the original Civilization. I started the day sort of worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to cope with the kiddos, but Smallhausen stepped up in a big way…. Read more »

Nostalgia Rush

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With Civilization VI having come out, and being waaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range, I got to waxing whimsical on the first entry to the series. Z and I were sitting here trying to remember what colour all the teams were, so I was like… whelp, I now have an obligation to bust open the game and find out. I… Read more »

Iffin’ it Fits, I Sits I Sits

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We get a lot of Amazon packages in because we’re not exactly fans of shopping in stores. I’m not sure why we suggested to Littlerbit that she sit in it, but she went for it. It was adorably ‘if I fits I sits!’ a la many a cat on the Internet. All I know is that my brain tries to… Read more »