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My Night in Pictures

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The tl;dr is that I thought that my cold was getting better, and I was very wrong. *chuckles* Well. I accidentally managed to trigger the worst vertigo I have experienced since moving here by trying to pop my ears, and it’s a small miracle that: A.  I actually made it to the toilet, and B.  That I didn’t actually vomit… Read more »

What Smells?

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Hint: it’s not me. Well. I’m not *able* to smell right now. It has its benefits, like not knowing when someone has laid a stinky present in the house, or having to smell the Lemsip (think Theraflu) when I’m drinking it down, but still. It’s a very annoying phase of the cold. I’m hoping that smelling comes back tomorrow, but… Read more »

Not Impressed

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I know I’ve been nursing a cold forever, but today has just gone into rude overdrive. I’ve hit this point where not only am I wheezing, I’m wheezing to the point of chest pain. And like, I don’t wheeze with colds; Z says it’s a normal thing, but it isn’t for me. He’s been a dear above his normal being… Read more »


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I’m not the biggest coffee person these days, but I’m glad that it’s cold enough to properly enjoy one. I checked The Weather Channel, and it says the highs are going to be in the 50s all week, and the lows in the 40s. I guess autumn is here to stay (not that I’m complaining). I’m glad for it, if… Read more »

With an Inch to Spare

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I have just spent the last (feels like) forever getting the shawl casted off, but it’s done now! I suspect that the last few inches are a bit tighter in cast off tension if only for the fact that I realised I was almost out of wool. I’m not completely sure how I managed to pull it off, but there… Read more »


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I have spent all evening processing the wool I came home with yesterday. And by processing, I mean entering everything into a spreadsheet, because I’m that big of a nerd. But now I know exactly what there is with only one or two question marks, and there’s a lot of goodness in there. there’s also some degree of faffy wools… Read more »

I Have to Give the Bag Back

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One of our newer Stitch ‘n Bitch members, K, was getting rid of some of her wool today. Apparently, this required a Royal Mail bag full, and then a bit more. I made some weak-ass excuses and shoved it into my car. What’s more, everyone who was there when the wool was still in the pub seemed to keep mum… Read more »

Tick Tick Tick

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I survived today, so have a picture of Smallhausen’s new reading timer. It was a pretty good day all told, never mind I woke up in a lot of pain from sleeping in the wrong bed and getting my head all janked around. I woke up having a big pile of things that needed to go through the wash because… Read more »

It’s the Least Wonderful Time of the Year

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At the end of last week, we had the worst, but most expected text message of any new school year — someone in the class has head lice. Fuck. So of course, that means checking the girls. And, of course, both seem to have a few bits of grodity. Sigh. I’m sort of relieved though, because seeing something means I… Read more »

A Lovely Day

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Today we had the Fs around, now with less accidental drama. *chuckles* The kids played together well, and the closest thing to an incident is that Littlerbit apparently turned on the outside tap. We figured it out fairly quickly though, and before they could flood the yard or drown themselves. We were also watching the Tottenham versus Manchester City match,… Read more »