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The Latest in Fashion, Part 2

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I was getting stuck into working today, when I looked up to see Littlerbit putting a bowl on her head. It was just sort of an idle thing, one-handed; she wasn’t paying herself much mind. It was cute to watch though, so I figured I’d share my moment of amusement. It’s been a fairly ‘normal’ day, all told. Kiddo got… Read more »

Still AWOL

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Alas, that is not my laptop — that is my tablet. My laptop is still in the shop awaiting repairs. Z popped in on the way home today and confirmed that yes, the fan is knackered and needs replacing. They also confirmed that they want to get that done before further checking anything else, since the overheating was the main… Read more »

Let Them Eat Cake

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Before we put them to bed, Littler decided that I was a climbing frame. This included her using my legs as a slide a couple of times after I made the mistake of doing it to her once. Whups. *chuckles* It was sweet though. I’m glad that she was feeling well enough to want to cuddle and play. It won’t… Read more »

Small Grown Tall

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After a semi-epic struggle this afternoon, I managed to get Littlerbit’s hair brushed and pulled back. Between those two things and putting a shirt on her, I apparently offended her greatly, ha ha. My darling little camera hog was even put out enough to not want to ham it up for the camera, though I did get some cute pictures… Read more »


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I’ve been taken a lot of pictures on accident lately. That, or Littlerbit is a bigger ninja than I realised. I found this one on my phone when I went to mail a picture of the birthday girl to myself for use in posting. This works pretty well too though. There’s my PJs, there’s my 3DS, and there’s my desktop… Read more »

Serious Tunes

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Today was another day of Littlerbit deciding she had to be physically attached to me. I managed to shift her enough to get her lunch, and once for a few minutes to go play with the marble run bits. She started trying to play them like a wind instrument, so I got my flute out for a few minutes. To… Read more »