Let Them Eat Cake

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Before we put them to bed, Littler decided that I was a climbing frame. This included her using my legs as a slide a couple of times after I made the mistake of doing it to her once. Whups. *chuckles* It was sweet though. I’m glad that she was feeling well enough to want to cuddle and play. It won’t be much longer until I don’t have her hanging off of me all the time because she’ll be in school, so yanno, should marshal what little sentimentality I have and enjoy it. 🙂

Having said that, we did our usual thing. She hung out on the couch doing her thing, I hung out in my chair doing my thing. Cuddles happened occasionally, and well. We are kind of a family of introverts, so having our bubble space is key. I think the girls will be mistaken for extroverts time and time again because they are both gregarious and social, but I know the score — been there, done that, etc.

Past that… just been accepting that my ability to do anything continues to shrink. In the past week, I’ve hit this point where I’m unsubscribing from pretty much every petition/action-based website I was on mailers to. Apparently even dealing with petitions is outside of my ability right now. It’s a bit frustrating, but I’m not going to beat myself up either. I’ve got to take care of myself and my family first, and THEN I can give what’s lever over to the wider world. I can hope that it gets better, but I’ve been hoping that for over 20 years now.


Back to knitting.


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