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As of today, I can declare my green top completed.img_20160930_202154873_hdr The knitting is done, the sewing in is done; the only task remaining is to sew in one of my made by me labels. I’ve got it tucked up on my desk to do tomorrow ’cause I cannot be bothered today. Instead, I’m working on trying to finish off my remaining shawl. It’s straight garter stitch with two knit front and back increases each row, so it’s blessedly mindless. I just keep going until I run out of wool, or I hit a length that I like.

It’s nice to be back to where I don’t have several projects languishing, it has to be said. I’ve got two issues of Let’s Knit that I haven’t even looked at yet, as I decided to save them as a reward for when I was caught up with the top. So I guess I should roll those out this weekend and see if there is any inspiration for projects. I know that I am keen on the idea of doing a set of family sweaters as Z suggested. I don’t think it will be that hard to find a scalable pattern, but the main issue that my brain keeps fixating on is stripes. Like, insisting that even the size of the stripes scale. It would be easier to just have the stripes be like, the same number of rows or something. I’m probably over-thinking it before I even get to the point where I need to sort out those logistics. I like to think that a sign of my relative competence, that I’m sort of trying to figure out pattern logistics. šŸ˜€


Adventures in Injury

Littlerbit happy and hale in spite of misadventure

Littlerbit happy and hale in spite of misadventure

The littlest decided to give us a fright today. E was over hanging out, chatting and knitting when Z returned from work. She had brought her computer over so we could do something for her, and Z had just logged in when we all heard a crash from upstairs. E and I just sort of looked at each other and shrugged, but Z dashed upstairs immediately. I heard Littler start crying, so I figured I’d head up and see what happened. Whelp. It seems she’d pulled a glass off of the window ledge, which (presumably) smashed on the edge of the bathtub. I’d gotten upstairs just in time for Z to just about finish giving her a once-over, declaring her hale… until he got to her feet. Her bloody, bloody feet. I spent the next couple of minutes running up and down the stairs collecting supplies to help get her bandaged up, and to get E to call the surgery to see if they could see her. He ended up taking her to the walk-in centre we went to last week for her scheduled age-related check-up, and E and I cleaned up (mainly E, ’cause she’s awesome), and then we went to get the kids from their after-school club.

To our amusement, we beat both of our spouses there. I’d not expected Z to make it in time, but J was the one that usually picked up their kiddo. E had discovered after we’d gotten there a text asking her to pick the kiddo up, so we got to tweak him a bit about being on the ball. Littlerbit is fine, by the way. Z just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any glass that he’d missed, and to make sure it was bandaged the best as possible. I’m grateful that we live in a country with nationalised health, where we can get taken care of almost immediately, and get the reassurance for our children’s health.

Of course, me being a snarkbutt, I did comment while Z was cleaning Littler up that we’d done pretty well to make it this far into our parenting adventure before this sort of thing happened. Smallhausen had been taken in once because she’d twisted her ankle, but that wasn’t ‘gah blood’. And really, as scary as it was due to blood volume, Littler was pretty much okay immediately. She was trying to play with her bleeding foot because she was curious about what was going on, and helped Z clean it off. She’s been in perfectly fine nick, and doesn’t seem discomforted at all, so we’re all relieved.


Yeah yeah, I’m off now.


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