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Modelled On

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Batman was standing on the couch looking at me, so I risked getting out my phone-camera to see if he’d submit to me recording his magnificence. He did, and I was an hilarious ass and told him that he could go when I was done. He did the cat equivalent of rolling his eyes, then scarpered off. Me? Feelin’ hilarious,… Read more »


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By my reckoning, I’ve got 38 rows to go until this sock is complete. Can I do it before the end of the year? Maybe. Probably not. Depends if I’m chatting with anyone. I do my best work when socialising, which means that not going out to the pub means my knitting production has been way down this year (amongst… Read more »


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I’ve been on a bit of a Craft the World jag lately. Smaller saw me playing, and asked if she could have it too. Well sure kid; it’s a great game. We managed to find it on Fanatical for £2.45, and she’s probably gonna get her money out of it fairly quickly. Past that, nothing much going on. We game, we… Read more »

Texas Snow

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I woke up this morning and went to the window to see if the potential snow had actualised itself. Alas, it’s just a hard freeze, and indeed, we haven’t seen flake one, but anyways. Parts of the country to the west of us are under snow and ice warnings, and we’re making sure to operate carefully if we’re outside at… Read more »


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I had a few things to run to the postbox, and I finally clocked where the village Christmas tree is. It was further along the high street than I thought it was, hence not noticing it before. It’s very Charlie Brown, innit. But that’s okay — it’s 2020, we need a bit of the Charlie Brown spirit. Past that, not… Read more »

Shine On

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I was effing around taking selfies, as you do, and I caught this one with all the sunlight coming through. If it’s going to annoy me by shining in my face, at least yanno, might as well  get something out of it. I did zero work today. Like, my big ‘chore’ was painting my nails, which I had fallen out… Read more »


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So I was making the effort to take stock of my socks, and my arm socks. Arm socks are the ones where the feet have been cut off after holes showed up, because hey, stripy arms! Cool! Etc. I um… probably should cull this stack even further. I binned ones that were really short, and threw a handful at Smalls… Read more »

Butt Central

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This is a picture Z took the other night; the girls did some more domino art today, but this was a fantastically huge butt orchestrated by Smaller. But yes, back over there today to welcome Grandad home from hospital. Mum is… coping. Not. Z and I both spent most of our time there reassuring her that she needs to prioritise… Read more »

The Goods

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So, a little niggling thing that’s driven me to distraction with my Etsy stuff is that I had drawn a total blank on what sort of freebie to include for not stitch markers. With the moving into doing all the things in dice, I’d taken a friend’s suggestion and bought a mixed lot of factory offcasts to play with. I’ve… Read more »

Eh *Gestures*

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Today has been peak do nothing. It took me most of the day to do 20 minutes worth of sewing, which, fine. It’s not like I needed it done asap, and I’m playing video games as well. I, ideally, will convince myself to do some product photography, but I haven’t talked myself around to it yet. I’m tempted for the… Read more »