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I was trying to get a nice picture of myself and Vivi and ended up with this… which honestly? Is the more accurate explanation of the last day. I got slammed with vertigo around this time yesterday, and put myself to bed super early as the way to cope with it. Doctor’s appointment today showed no infections, no earwax of… Read more »


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So uh, I found out today that bb is coming this week, so I have to buckle down and get this finished. I’m nearly there, and as long as I hand it off before tomorrow evening, then it’ll beat baby into the world. I mean, it’s not like they *have* to have it beforehand, but it would make me happiest… Read more »

Mainly Comfy

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Today has been on the colder and rainier side of life — bliss. Unfortunately, we’re hitting the point in the evening where the temperature tends to jack itself up this time of year… but at least it’s not as bad as two weeks back. And tomorrow has our electrician coming to take stock of things before installing the electrics needed… Read more »

Tip Trip #?

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Well, this was the third tip to the trip this week, though only my first. It was a nice day for it, and Z spotted one of his local friends and exchanged pleasantries. We still have at least one, if not two more trips to make with the current stuff in the garage, so hopefully we’ll manage that tomorrow. We’ll… Read more »

Sure, Why Not

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Both of the kittens were napping in the bathroom today, because why not. I guess the three bedrooms just didn’t appeal; Raven definitely has some weird attraction to sleeping on plastic. I guess the beds of yesterday, etc, blah blah. *chuckles* Nothing much going on today — just trying to stay still and rest up a bit. I’m not nearly… Read more »

Sixth and Last (For Now)

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And as quick as that, we’ve had our last decluttering session for the time being. Six sessions saw us unfunk our kitchen, lounge, cupboards, the garage, and two and a half of the bedrooms. There’s always gonna be some degree of clutter to sort, and there’s still boxes in the garage that need our attention, but it puts us in… Read more »


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Yup, it’s Vivi again. Z took this picture this morning because we were both out cold, and he thought it was cute. He loves to curl up on me in the morning, and the fact it takes me ages to get out of bed means that he almost always gets some amount of snuggles. Lil butt. *laughs* If only I… Read more »


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Both of the boys like curling up on the hidden section of the shoe rack. Since I used the flash here, and the reflective collar, it really looks like a rave-esque attitude for Sir Vivi. Not a lot on the plate today. Bit of work, got an Etsy order out; people really love the Bi Pride necklace! Also trying to… Read more »

Sweetened Dreams

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I had an impromptu concept to make a thing today, and I did. It’s a cushion with a few gemstones tucked in that are reputed to aid good sleep; Smaller has always been a bit of a problem sleeper, so I found out what her bestie has in her bed (amethyst), and let Smaller pick the one she liked the… Read more »