Raeyn.com is (one of the many) online home(s) of myself, Raeyn. I’ve been using this name online as my main pseudonym since 2000/2001, and when the domain came available, I had to snatch it up. Because yanno, it’s *my* name.

As for me, I’m in my 30s, a dual US/UK citizen residing in the UK, a veteran,  married with kids and cats, bisexual and not that cis, bipolar and all its little uncaring cousins, and in possession of way too many hobbies and interests.

An Experiment

I have, for most of my life, been conditioned and harassed into being fairly quiet about my opinions and thoughts. Or have been flat-out told I was wrong when I wasn’t and had a pretty solid research base. But because of my general lack of spoons, I’ve sort of sat on my thoughts and opinions because I didn’t have the energy to deal with people treating me like me and my thoughts were invalid. While I am certain to attract some of that here, and certainly, do welcome intelligent debate, I’m hoping this will help me break out of the little cage I feel that I’d been placed in. It’ll probably be a hard row to hoe, but I figure it will be worthwhile.


And FAQ!


It’s a (slight) adaptation of a line from the song ‘It’s Alright’ by Angie Aparo.  I was relistening to the album while trying to brainstorm on design for this site, and the song came on, and it was just the perfect sentiment for a subtitle.

You already have a blog. Why don’t you do all your blogging there?

Good question! It’s easier on my broken-ass brain to have channels dedicated to certain things. I *do* have a private place where I brain dump daily, but that’s 100% for me.