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My head has been out to kill me all freaking day. Which um, sucks, ’cause tonight is the party at the Village Hall, and we’re booked to go so Smalls can celebrate her birthday in style. Dance style. Granted, I’ve not taken any pain meds yet because I want to save them for when we actually do go out, so…. Read more »


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For something that was supposed to be a side knit, this scrap blanket is growing at a healthy pace. A part of that is that I’ve tapered off working on the monkey. I’m almost out of toy stuffing, and while I probably have enough to see it through, I’d almost rather wait a few days for more to come in… Read more »

‘Us’ Types

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Littler had a playdate today, and her friend came with both parents equipped. Z had told me he thought they were a good match for us based on things he’d seen and talked about with them, and it was pretty cool to have that confirmed. They both knit and game to varying degrees, and seem to have similar senses of… Read more »

*contented sigh*

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My new toy is home, and in situ. I’ve just closed the lid after getting a few basic things installed. You know, office suite, Minecraft — those sort of things. A part of me wants to put one of my more intense games on it to see what it can handle, but. It’s a small hard drive, even if we’re… Read more »

Keeping Busy

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Today has been primarily about chilling out and knitting. I’ve got the body of a monkey toy made and stuffed, and have made a bit more progress on my scrap blanket. Well, and I’ve been playing Pok√©mon again too, since Z has. Of course, my version of ‘play’ seems to be ‘in the same battle for many hours trying to… Read more »

Call of Yarnthulu

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I can report that Santa was finished last night, and came out well good! This catastrophic mess you see before you is the inside of Mrs. Claus. Because it requires use of intarsia, I’ve got a couple of strands hanging out in addition to all the random ends. Mess aside, I think there’s a good chance that I can get… Read more »

Stuff it Good

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Yus, all of Santa’s assorted parts have now been knit, which means I’m starting the sewing up process. I guess that means there is a real chance that I’ll complete it tonight, which is nice. Having said that, there’s also fiddly touches to embroider on, and that’s not my strong point. Still, if I don’t try, I won’t get better,… Read more »