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Accidentally Clever

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I was working on my sock earlier, when I realised that my nail polish matches the sandy gold bits in the sock wool. I’ve made good progress since this photo — about two inches, and have moved on to the heel flap. It would be awesome to get the rest of the way through the heel tonight, but we’ll see…. Read more »


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I’m making pleasing progress on sock #1. Of course, I’m overdoing it and currently resting my back again, but ah well. A little resting, a little stretching, and it should be more or less back in shape shortly. I would love to get another inch or two done. Two inches will put me just shy of 7, and then I… Read more »


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With socks completed (and doing a bang-up job keeping my feet toasty), I went fishing through my patterns to see what was a likely one. I opted for the simplest one that I could find. Like, literally, it’s just a bit of rib and a lot of stockinette. It’s in part to clear the palate, and in part to take… Read more »

Happy Feet

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The socks, they are done. Now to find another pattern and do another pair of socks, ha ha. someone local has asked if our group can make them some purple poppies, so I might do a few of those while I mull over what to do next. It’s kind of scary to have all the little side quests that have… Read more »

Nearing Completion

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While I don’t think that I will finish this sock tonight, tomorrow is a real possibility, and that is exciting. These have been languishing in the bottom of my bag for ages while more time sensitive things have popped up. I’ve not really done anything today, which really, fine. I could skip working today in favour of tomorrow. I didn’t… Read more »

I Amuse Easily

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I had an order to run to the Post Office this morning, when I spotted this error message on the Lotto display. I found it sort of weird ’cause stuff was still displaying, so don’t know what it meant, and didn’t really care to ask. If it’s meant for the staff, well… wrong side of things, y’all. Z came home… Read more »

Back to It

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And, finally, I am back to my socks. Bliss. I’m hoping to make some decent progress on the second one today, but I’m also not going to be super fussed if I don’t. It’s just nice to be back to my Regularly Scheduled Crafting™®. Past that, I’m starting at a-england, and trying to figure out how to get the most… Read more »

Unneeded Haste

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I know the girls aren’t in school tomorrow. I know that it’s half-term. And yet, I still forgot in the thrill of challenging myself to knit really really fast to hand something over tomorrow… which we can’t do, ’cause school isn’t in term. *chuckles ruefully* I’m still likely to finish the second one tonight, which means that, le gasp, I… Read more »

Spiky Love

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We were out last night for Z’s birthday dinner, and went to the grocery store afterwards so he could pick some birthday cake. There were lots of people, mainly of the male-presenting persuasion, running around with flowers and so forth, and one of the racks with flowers on, I spotted these cacti. Considering the scene being set, the thought of… Read more »