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Rainbow Dash

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I finished the first sock of the pair earlier today, which means getting started on the scarf for Littler. I’m through the first ball of wool, ’cause super chunky builds quickly. She was so chuffed that she tried to park herself in my lap to watch, but I finally managed to shift her so I could get my old lady… Read more »


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Whenever I order the odd ball of yarn off of eBay or Amazon, they usually show up vacuum packed. Which, to be fair, makes sense. It doesn’t really do it any harm. It costs less to ship. It goes through mailslots without the postie having to flag down a human. I was super amused because this is the first time… Read more »


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We woke up to snow this morning, which was super pleasing. It fell for a few hours, but it was too warm to stick to pavement in any meaningful way. Which is good! I just wanted to see it happen, not have it endanger my family. It’s back to rain for the foreseeable future, but at least the itch to… Read more »

Shine On

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I’ve got to say, it’s really soul soothing to return to my nail polish-loving roots. I fell out of the habit when I was in the Air Force, because the colour restrictions were not to my taste. Red? In cammies? Um yeah, naw. Plus, I didn’t really find any reds I liked until I fell into a-england. I’ve new reds… Read more »

Accidentally Clever

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I was working on my sock earlier, when I realised that my nail polish matches the sandy gold bits in the sock wool. I’ve made good progress since this photo — about two inches, and have moved on to the heel flap. It would be awesome to get the rest of the way through the heel tonight, but we’ll see…. Read more »


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I’m making pleasing progress on sock #1. Of course, I’m overdoing it and currently resting my back again, but ah well. A little resting, a little stretching, and it should be more or less back in shape shortly. I would love to get another inch or two done. Two inches will put me just shy of 7, and then I… Read more »


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With socks completed (and doing a bang-up job keeping my feet toasty), I went fishing through my patterns to see what was a likely one. I opted for the simplest one that I could find. Like, literally, it’s just a bit of rib and a lot of stockinette. It’s in part to clear the palate, and in part to take… Read more »

Happy Feet

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The socks, they are done. Now to find another pattern and do another pair of socks, ha ha. someone local has asked if our group can make them some purple poppies, so I might do a few of those while I mull over what to do next. It’s kind of scary to have all the little side quests that have… Read more »

Nearing Completion

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While I don’t think that I will finish this sock tonight, tomorrow is a real possibility, and that is exciting. These have been languishing in the bottom of my bag for ages while more time sensitive things have popped up. I’ve not really done anything today, which really, fine. I could skip working today in favour of tomorrow. I didn’t… Read more »