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With socks completed (and doing a bang-up job keeping my feet toasty), I went fishing through my patterns to see what was a likely one. I opted for the simplest one that I could find. Like, literally, it’s just a bit of rib and a lot of stockinette. It’s in part to clear the palate, and in part to take stock in how the gradient/patterning looks. I mean, I guess I already know, but making it for myself and seeing how that looks in situ is another thing. Really though, super glad to finally be back to the planned sock-stravaganza that I had intended for last year.

Past that… nothing much today, which is grand. I’ve done enough knitting that my pinched nerve is playing up, so yanno… means taking a break to write this so it can calm its tits? xD

Right. I’m off.


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