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I came home from visiting Mum to find the boys napping in a pile on the couch. Almost two hours on, and they still are. I am slain by adorbs, and have taken an ungodly number of pictures of them as they shift in their sleep/half-sleep. I hope that they always love each other like this. Batman and Poison were… Read more »


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So. Sat down. Took photos. I’m not completely happy with them even after editing, but it works for the moment. I’m just glad I got *something* together in advance of Saturday, yanno? Now I’ve got to tinker with listings, which my brain is trying to nuh-uh, but yanno, sooner done, sooner over. <3


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The boys were on the window ledge this morning… which… you can see that for yourself, ha ha. I was just appreciating how handsome they are, because that’s never boring. 😀 It’s been a fairly productive day. Got a good amount of work done. Been noodling with some stitch marker science. I’ve made a cheery little banner to advertise my… Read more »

Long Stare

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I decided on a whim in the last couple of days that I am going to hold a sale in my shop next month… and I went about it in the longest way possible. I think that next time I do a sale, I’ll just create a coupon and post it on the front page, rather than hand-edit every single… Read more »


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We took Mum out today to experience the wonders of shopping at B&M. She was well pleased to find some stuff that she couldn’t get at Tesco anymore, and I was pleased to grab a few craft bits and more snacks. SnAaAaAaCkSsssss. *giggles* As a bonus, it was spitting rain, not too wet, but just a little. The breeze was… Read more »

Frame Job

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My most recent restock of frames came in today, so the banana is also framed and ready to go on the wall. Z and I had discussed it, and we agreed that it made sense to put both up at the same time, because it’ll be easier to square them against each other. I got a few more sets of… Read more »


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Taken this morning, this picture is how both of the cats chose to respond to me opening the curtains — by scrunching up within the bits that were still closed. Cats, innit. About a second later Smaller came charging in, and they both turned around to present faces. So yanno, feline business as usual, I guess. Past that, just doing… Read more »

Through Time

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I figured I’d annoy Vivi by scooping him up for a picture, and ended up with this blurry beauty. I think his alarmed goober face is what makes the picture, hee hee. Today’s one thing of note is that the wires and headpins I ordered came in. It feels very nice to have those restocked. Not that I’m making anything… Read more »

A Family Game

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Smaller has expressed an interest in learning chess. Z likes playing chess, so it’s match match. Vivi… just likes to take part, ha ha. So of course, I look up and find *both* of the cats are investigating the board. Ah well. FB is gonna get slammed with lots of pictures of the cats being cats, as the world demands…. Read more »