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An Apple a Day

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Mum and I had recently been discussing cross-stitch, and I was annoyed because I couldn’t find my current work in progress. Which, fair, I’d not picked it up in like, over a year, so. I found it in an unexpected drawer earlier, so we were able to continue the discussion. I’ve done a bit more work on it, so yay…. Read more »


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Today, it was ‘supposed’ to snow… no snow. Tomorrow maybe? I’ll believe it when I see it. Still, I had to make a postbox run. I layered up in deference to the temp… so of course, the zipper on my hoodie busted. I *think* I managed to squish it back into functionality, but we’ll see. My hoodie is one we… Read more »

The Bowl of the Sky

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I was out for a quick walk to the postbox, and as usual, trying to find a photo for blog fodder. I noticed that the clouds looked like they were circling around a central point, and hey, people like clouds, so. *laughs* Not like there was much of anything else today, ha ha. Mum got to get her first COVID… Read more »

So Good

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I had fairly recently bought some more nail polish from Prism Polish. I didn’t really need more, but then, this is a wanty sort of thing rather than a needy sort of thing. I was scooping up a few things before they left the shop, and this one was in the Leaving Soon section. I’m sorely tempted to pick up… Read more »

The First

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CW: That’s a tooth in that pot Smaller came through after her first lesson and proudly announced that she had lost her first tooth. I think she managed to be even later to it than me, ha ha. The adult tooth is already partially out behind the one that fall out, which amuses me more than it should. I’ve got… Read more »


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I managed to rub a few spoons together and get my hair properly clean for the first time in what feels like months. So of course, one little gray hair up the front is celebrating by doing a little standy-uppy dance… so it goes. At least I managed to get through the period where my OCD demanded I cut such… Read more »

Literally the Best

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Oh okay, maybe not *literally* literally, but we were all happy to have a nice snowy day. The girls had a play, I didn’t, and we otherwise stayed home and safe. It was rather wet snow, so it didn’t pile up overmuch, but it’ll probably be icy and gross tomorrow. It definitely will overnight, but as said — we’re not… Read more »

Grumpy Helpers

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I had a couple of orders come in this evening, so been slowly puttering around making those happen. It amused me that the first one came in on the back of me posting about *other* listings I’d just gotten up. The new flag set is frayromantic/fraysexual; I’d seen it on a Discord friend’s profile and it rang something in me…. Read more »

Sew Buttons

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So like, legit, who puts brown buttons on a black thing? Thankfully, the buttons I ordered came in today, and I just finished switching them all to black. Now I have to decide if I am going to do the same on the red one… maybe. Black was ‘easy’ cause I had matching yarn, while I’m not sure I’ve got… Read more »