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Okay so, picked this wool out specifically for Smalls, knowing it was her thing. Man, I have envy of them and I’ve barely done like, a centimeter and a half. Gimmeeeee, ha ha. Naw like, she’ll get them. They are for her. I’m glad I can give her something that she will like. Today is a bank holiday Monday, so… Read more »

Aw Yiss

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Z picked up some lovely steaks for dinner. He does it r-r-right, to include the onions and mushrooms. The girls might not care for the latter, but we’re all about it. And it was the perfect quantity, leaving me feeling full without feeling overfull. Bliss. I realised at some point in the past 36 hours that I am running a… Read more »

Getting There

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Sock progress is going well. There’s a good chance that I *will* finish it over this long weekend. Maybe! I get distracted by shiny objects, but that’s the norm. I’ve got ALL THE GAMES up, and I’m burning through the jump rings I bought last week. I’ve also got some danglies I want to turn into earrings, and I keep… Read more »


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I have to say, I love the camera on my new phone. The pictures are crisper and cleaner, and make the most of ambient light. I took this earlier on a postbox run, with the sky overcast and spitting. I caught it when it wasn’t rain-raining, so that was nice. We even had -a- rumble of thunder, so like… it’s… Read more »

Chaotic Good

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I never really got into the world of D&D; the first game I got dragged into, I hid behind a counter until I got the rest of the people to agree that I didn’t have to speak as a mute character. They threw waves of elves at me that I kept killing, got bored, and resumed video games instead. I’ve… Read more »


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A friend of mine had bought this pen and I squeed, ’cause cute and spoopy and pin and glow and and. Alas, it was a friend in the States, and the shop in question charged 20 earths to ship them abroad. I’d put out the all-call to see if anyone was braving malls, and one of my friends hooked me… Read more »

(Not) Sleep Shopping

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I just spotted the Amazon man parking up outside, and asked Z if he was expecting something, or I was expecting something. Smaller was distracting him, so I went to answer the door… to find something for me. Crap, did I order something in my sleep? I know I didn’t, ’cause I don’t shop in bed. But there was this… Read more »

The Abyss Continues

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I am not too far off from finishing the leg section of this second sock. I don’t know if that’ll happen before we’re ‘back at work’ later this week, but we’ll see! My current gaming choice means it’s more likely, as it’s a strategy that I can just leave up and watch without quite as much hand interaction (Project Hospital,… Read more »

In Blue

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I had a new shirt come in today, and then like… did my nails, realised that they matched. I guess I have a default knack for Aesthetic™® or something. Or just yanno, coincidence. It’s been a fairly chill day all told, to include the weather. Yesterday got gross enough that we put the a/c on, while today has been windy… Read more »