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The Hattening

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My yarn finally arrived! Next time I will really, really, really make a point to pay attention go the dispatch time. ¬¬ But it’s good yarn and it’s nice yarn, and I’m enjoying using it so far. If I did math right on the first colour band (I’m currently on the second), then hopefully the math will bear out for the rest… Read more »

In the End

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This is definitely not my photo; it’s the first hit for ‘Ender Dragon’ on image search. But it’s apt, ’cause the four of us + D went and took the Ender Dragon down a few hours ago. I pretty much immediately logged back out and went to other gaming, but I’m glad we were able to pitch in and get-r-done…. Read more »

You Can’t Take the Sky

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I was never a Browncoat, but I was aware of them. Naw, this is No Man’s Sky, which I booted up on a whim, and apparently had a virgin save sitting in the top slot. WHELP, I guess I’m starting over again. It’ll be a nice bit of self-soothe; I got myself worked up about something. I said to Z, hey,… Read more »

Brotherly Love

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Z took a whole entire reel of these two boys on the suitcase. Apparently (and verified) they were making a chain of ridiculously cute poses. It was hard to pick -a- picture, but this one is pretty swish. Mainly though, it’s Friday, yay, etc. I don’t have anything in particular planned for the weekend. I’d hoped some yarn I’d ordered… Read more »


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Yes, I know, I’ve been rubbish about posting the last week or so. I’ve been in the throes of making things for the Artisans Cooperative fundraiser; you can see what’s available from me here. I’ve got some gemstone pendants waiting in the approval queue, and I think those will definitely pique some interest. That’s the main thing, really; my brain… Read more »


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Yes yes, hi, I’m alive. First I was just busy, and then we were away for a few days. Today’s picture is what my hair looks like after drying from swimming, which, floof! I loves it. Plus, it’s got some proper goth vibes, somehow. Perfect for summer hols. We got back in yesterday after a weekend ‘away’. Like, all the… Read more »