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War Zone

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So, all the beads I needed for my special project were in today… or so I thought. One set had holes too tiny to thread (and attempts to embiggen them broke the bead), while another set was a full millimetre bigger than what I ordered (and therefore not usable for said project). I’ve got some stuff on order, but I… Read more »

Getting Stuff Done

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Today, I got two things off of my desk. I finally finished the last poppy from mumbledy months ago, and did the finishing touches on the bear. So that’s done, and I’m clearing my palate with a touch of cross-stitch. I don’t know how long that is going to hold my attention, but I feel better for making myself take… Read more »

Sure, Why Not

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Littler was feeling a bit brighter yesterday, but today says otherwise. She’s been limpetted against Z, though with a glimmer of her usual cheeky humour. I’m mentally prepared for her to be staying home from school tomorrow, but really — we’ll see how she feels in the morning. The neighbours have been making banging noises all day, because today is… Read more »


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Today has been an appropriately do nothing day. I’ve not even picked up my knitting; it’s all been gaming. Well, and I made -a- bracelet (as pictured on head). I also price dropped all the ‘normal’ child and adult bracelets in my store, so hopefully that will shift some stock. I’m getting a lot faster at making them, so it’s… Read more »

That Was Quick

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The week is already over… it’s been a fast one. It’s been super productive on multiple levels, which I’m grateful for ’cause I’ve been really tired for all of it. *chuckles* We don’t have any plans for the weekend that I know of, so I will do my best to like, not move. Not moving sounds awesome. For now, I’ve… Read more »

Cute + Pain

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I have been dealing with a wicked headache most of the day. I gave in and took pain meds, which bought some reprieve… but that’s apparently wearing off now. Ouch. I might have to redose myself so that I have a decent night’s sleep once I get there, but we’ll see. I’m hoping that I can manage to go without,… Read more »

Who Where What

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So, folx who know me know that I don’t really do phones. They’re really hard for me to use with my ADHD getting worse with each passing year. So I surprised the crap out of myself when my first response to reading a bit of news was to call my mother-in-law. *laughs* It was just a bit of gossip about… Read more »

A Unit of Unicorns

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I was walking to the kitchen earlier today, when I clocked this on Smalls’ desk in passing. I decided it was a nice mash-up of cute and quietly sinister. I mean, those horns, those eyes… >__> The day has been spent researching semi-precious stones for a future bracelet project. I think I have most of what I need researched and… Read more »

Making and Testing

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Today has been an edifying day. I listed the solar system bracelet and gave friends first dibs, and it sold right away. It looks like I’ve got to try and get two more made at the very least, so we’ll see how that goes. A degree of that is going to be getting the right lucky mix from the particular… Read more »