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Swing Siblings

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I’d cracked open the window earlier, ’cause it was nice, and Smalls commented that it smelled really good out there. So they grabbed their sister, and went to hang out outside for quite a nice long spell. Smalls was curled up on their phone on the swing, like the fantastic proto-teen they are. It all made me smile. But yeah,… Read more »


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Batman decided that I didn’t need to get out of bed this morning, and sat on me. Which I don’t mind, ’cause furbaby affection! And I woke up dumb early for some reason, so being kept in bed was appreciated. *laughs* I’m kicking today in the butt, knitting wise. I’ve already done 40 rows today! That was my slight stretch… Read more »

He Doth Protest Too Much

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Oh hey, guess what? You get an extra picture today — y’all deserve it. xD I’d flopped Batman into my lap on his back, which he… likes? Tolerates? As y’all can see, he let me hold his little pawhands, and didn’t panic on me. I did flip him rightwise and let him go when it was clear he wanted to… Read more »

Grow On

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I have to say, I’m very pleased with my progress so far. As of this moment, I’m averaging a bit below 30 rows a day. Each row is 60 stitches, so we’re talking 1,800~ stitches a day. I’m hoping I can keep this sort of progress up, ’cause yanno, superstar *jazz hands* Most of my progress so far comes from… Read more »


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My tinsel is starting to get longish, y’all. I love it. I’ve not noticed many more strands springing up over the past however long, but yanno… just a matter of time. Today saw me starting in learning new work stuff. We’re transitioning from one set of software to another, and that requires lots of data transfer. So I told Z… Read more »


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Batman is going to be so happy that the kids are back in school tomorrow; their continued daytime claiming of the upstairs bedrooms for their own private space has turfed him out of his normal daytime sleeping plans. Which means a lot of him sitting on the couch and eying me askance; don’t worry furbabe, things’ll be ‘normal’ tomorrow. Today… Read more »


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I thiiiiink I’ve completed a 24th of this scarf, ha ha. It might be more, it might be less. It’s 50 rows out of the 830… it’s progress. I’ve been alternating doing rows with running bounties or rifts in┬áDiablo 3, which keeps my brain happy and focused on both. Well, if I’m going to have stupid untreated ADHD, gonna find… Read more »

It Begins

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I wasn’t sure when the yarn ordered for the Dr Who scarf was gonna show… didn’t expect it today. But voila, c’est ici. I’ve got 10 rows done, and only… uh… 820 to go. Yeah, this is gonna take awhile. *laughs* But that’s fine, that’s fine. It’ll get there. For now, celebrating that my head cold has progressed to the… Read more »

How Familiar

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A thing I see occasionally is the assertion that black cats get skipped over at adoption because they’re not Instagrammable. Y’all, I’m not the best photographer in the world, but how many awesome pictures have I taken and posted of our black cats? I’m just saying. *laughs* I spotted Poison standing in the arm of the couch for once, and… Read more »