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A Custom

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I woke up this morning to a custom order request. I do love me some custom orders; I’m glad people like my stuff, but it’s that degree extra when they like it enough to trust you to make their specific wishes happen. Since I don’t work on a Monday, I was able to get it turned around really quickly, which… Read more »

Pie in the Sky

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Or well, cat in the sky. This is the highest point in our bedroom, and I didn’t expect to find our tiniest feline up there. But there she was, cute as can be. These cats are just way too clever, all four of them, and even worse when working in tandem. *chuckles* Not a lot going on today, just making… Read more »


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As in, blocking me getting out of bed. Hrmph. I mean, I did lean into it, so it’s not completely his adorable fuzzy fault. What almost assuredly is his fault is me coming downstairs to find one of my yarn drawers gutted and spread around the downstairs. He’s the clever one with drawers, and he has gone on to teach… Read more »


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The cats, being cats, managed to put a big hole in the net curtain at the front of the lounge. Z and I were like… should we replace it, or accept that a new curtain would get the same treatment? So we decided yeah, we’ll have a holey curtain. Bonus — driving back past the house, we spotted Raven in… Read more »


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Today’s trip to the hospital was a productive one. For one, I got confirmation that my hearing has gotten worse since February (when I last had a hearing test). I also have a proper diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease. Meds’ll be ready for pick-up tomorrow, and I am looking forward to seeing things pushed back to manageable. Hopefully. 🙂 <3


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I’m currently working on the second selvage for this, but hey — alliums as inspired by Minecraft. I think it’s pretty cute, but then, I try very hard to not do that whole ‘oh no I am a terrible artist and I must suffer for my art!’ thing where I can. Like, anyone doing art is gonna have a moment of… Read more »

Cat Smile

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I love it when you look at a cat, and it looks like they’re grinning. I mean, I know that’s not a thing that they do, but it’s the whole anthropomorphising thing. And he’s a sweet boy when he deigns to pay attention to humans, so. Still not the cuddliest of cats, but maybe someday, someday. I finished weaving the… Read more »