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The Closest Thing to Hot Dog Legs…

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Yeah okay, once again I am borrowing a picture and then a bit from my Instagram. So sue me, ha ha, I’m tired. It’s been a long day, though a mainly good one. We got up and out of the hotel promptly, picked up some breakfast en route, and were one of the first in the queue to get on… Read more »

All in One

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I am in a hotel room with three other people. Two of them are young and the only reason they aren’t bouncing off the walls right now is because we crammed them full of food. I’ll take it, honestly! The drive here went well, outside of Littlerbit puking twice. Apparently, she’s inherited all of mine and Z’s genes for car… Read more »

Not My Cases, Buuut…

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They make the point. I meant to take a picture of my crap everywhere -except- in my case, but instead I got organised and got it all packed up quickly. Practice makes perfect, I guess? I still have other stuff to pack though. My knitting bag is mainly there, while my laptop bag lies flaccid except for my pills and… Read more »


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We are now in that space where it’s less than 48 hours until we leave for vacation. Like, this time Saturday, we will be at the hotel so we can catch the ferry the following morning. Everyone else is like, nearly packed, but me? Naaaaaah. Okay so like, we moved a lot growing up. A *LOT*. I think I clocked… Read more »

Alternate Wednesday Means…

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Stitch ‘n Bitch!  Yay! Knitting! But like, at a pub that’s also a Pokéstop. Ticking all the boxes? Awwww yiss. I’m definitely feeling the ‘need’ for it right now. I woke up feeling crap, crap enough that the kids kept away from me. Like, I didn’t think I was *that* bad, but it was obviously obvious enough that wisdom prevailed… Read more »

Red Hair, Don’t Care

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One of my friends recently through the wormhole of ‘x hair don’t care’ shirts. The long and the short of it is — if you can think it up, it probably exists. If you google ‘red hair don’t care’, at least three different sites offering shirts with it slathered upon it exist. I won’t bother to link because hey, I… Read more »

Warning: Vacation Imminent

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Which isn’t to say a vacation from blogging — even with being on holiday, I feel that I owe it to myself to get my writing done. It’s just how I do things. 😀 But we *are* heading out on vacation in the next week, which means the boring planning stuff, like packing. Z is handling most of it because… Read more »

What is this Even

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Today, I have been down to the park for a picnic with my family. While there, I repeatedly jogged to and from the nearest Pokéstop, because we couldn’t see any place closer where we could have our picnic. We clocked where the other spot in the park was and will probably aim to picnic there in future, but for this… Read more »


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It surprises a lot of people out here that I like living in such a tiny place. I’m originally from Dallas, which is… not small, albeit amusingly interbred. Seriously. Six degrees of separation? More like 2-3 at most. But here, in a place that has 0.15% of Dallas’ population, I seriously feel most at home. I nod politely to people… Read more »

I Am the Cutest

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Once upon a time, I was younger and thinner. I was that sort of thin that people presumed was due to an eating disorder, and that I needed to be harassed about it. I rolled my eyes a lot, because oh hey, I was that size because I was that size — I trusted my body to do what it… Read more »