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Stitch ‘n Bitch!  Yay! Knitting! But like, at a pub that’s also a Pokéstop. Ticking all the boxes? Awwww yiss.

I’m definitely feeling the ‘need’ for it right now. I woke up feeling crap, crap enough that the kids kept away from me. Like, I didn’t think I was *that* bad, but it was obviously obvious enough that wisdom prevailed from the small ones. I’m not complaining at that — there was no animosity of tippy-toeing around or anything, just respect of the fact I was obviously a bit poorly. It’s awesome my big one is empathetic enough to pick up on these things when she wants to. It’s definitely a skill most kiddos her age lack, and that goes for a lot of ‘kiddos’ and adults who are older as well. May she never lose that ability.

So yeah, feeling sick, tending to kids… and of course, work. I was semi-productive, so that’s good. I’m feeling pretty confident that I can be most of the way caught up to where I ‘need’ to be before we leave for vacation in a few days. We’ll see. I think that I definitely will be caught up if the weather continues to make playing outside not particularly likely, and less so if it dries up enough to take them to the park or the river or whatever.

I suspect that now that we’re in the ‘days to go’ window, my desire to make such outings happen is going to evaporate. After all, there’s stuff that needs doing, even if important things like packing aren’t like, even on my radar yet. It *SHOULD* be, but I probably won’t manage to pack until Friday or Saturday after getting that one last load of laundry through. Really, I should just like, pick clothing for the next couple of days that I don’t mind slobbing around in that vaguely fits and passes for street clothing and go from there so that I have my ‘nice’ slobbings to take with me.

Doot doot doot.

Another think-don’t-overthink that is preying on my brain in regards to our holiday is what to take to read. See, I can’t do Kindles, or read long stretches of text from monitors. Doing such gives me blinding migraines; even if e-readers are getting better all the time, they’re still not where I can handle them. I *was* reading the Obernewtyn Chronicles, but I’m still waiting on the last two to wing their way to me. So instead, I switched to the Parasol Protectorate, or at least, the three I have to hand. Hand to heart, I generally avoid anything that has even the slightest whiff of romance novel to it, and I wasn’t impressed at the very first. But as I’m making my way through the first book, it’s growing on me. I’ll probably want to get the last two as well, though that could just be my desire to know a full story arc at all costs.

There’s other goodies in my cupboard that I’ve not read from my birthday-Christmas stack, but I’m contemplating doing a re-read of A Song of Ice and Fire. I haven’t done a full re-read in years, and definitely not in preparation of A Dance With Dragons; I dived into that one with no preparation and sort of made a hazy way through it patting it gently like the old friend it was. Is.

I also, for some reason, am kind of thinking about replacing the Shannara novels my old cats destroyed and see if the second story arc takes me better than it did the first time. And no, not because of the ghastly show; I’d re-read the original trilogy before I even knew that was coming out, and found it more enjoyable than I had before. There’s also, with the following-on trilogy, the fact that I like sci-fi a lot more than I did before I moved here. I don’t know what it was, but something in my brain finally properly switched on to it.

Anyways, I could go on about books all day. I love books, and I love reading. So I am going to scootch for the eve!


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