Red Hair, Don’t Care

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One of my friends recently through the wormhole of ‘x hair don’t care’ shirts. The long and the short of it is — if you can think it up, it probably exists. If you google ‘red hair don’t care’, at least three different sites offering shirts with it slathered upon it exist. I won’t bother to link because hey, I could just as easily ‘design’ my own on those sites if I desperately wanted one, ha ha.


Voila, sort of?

But man tho, that red hair. MY red hair. I’ve only dyed my hair like, once in the two years we’ve lived here, so I was hella overdue. The colour/brand that I normally use has vanished again (Clairol Extreme ‘n Easy), so I had to shop around. I ended up giving L’Oreal a spin this time, in shade Black Cherry. There used to, in my teenaged years, be a Clairol Natural Instincts shade of the same name, but I never got to experience it. I waffled between this colour and cherry red, but let Z have the final call on it. I think that it’s a bit darker than normally would work on me, so yay for having gotten some sun? As for the red, it is hella vibrant under the right light, so. We’ll see. For now, it’s amazing how much more human I feel for having freshly dyed hair!


13687013_622222397954065_315958012_nI had both the kids at home today, so began my first attempt to juggle work, entertaining the children, and my Pokémon addiction. *whistles*I’d initially planned a quick walk around the village fairly early with the idea of getting Littlerbit down for a nap, but that didn’t happen. And then the nap didn’t happen, though I tried to make it happen. I also was getting some work done while they were rampaging around upstairs playing, so I didn’t feel like I was completely messing it up. Once it was clear that nap wasn’t happening though, I decided that sure, we’d go have a picnic down on the river. That was good fun, ’cause I got to hang out at the Pokéstop (which someone put a lure on!), the girls did some drawing, and had fun playing on the incline next to ‘our’ bench. I capped it off with a visit to my in-laws en route to home, so they were properly spoiled rotten and entertained through and through.

I was amused when chatting to my mother-in-law. She’s rather impressed with me getting and about as much as I am, and that I even have plans for tomorrow — taking them to the playground the other-other side of the village. I shrugged and grinned, ‘Pokémon.’ It’s working to get me out there, even if I still have to take lots of stops to catch my breath as I come and go. But I guess she isn’t wrong to be impressed. After all, I’ve not had anything else before come up that I could use to muscles past my stupid chronic fatigue. Of course, it would work a looot better if I had a Pokéstop nearer and not like, running out of balls all the time. ¬¬

Anyways, I’m on kiddo duty tonight, so back to snuggling the little one to sleep!


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