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That Could Have Gone Better

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Since tomorrow is Bonfire Night, that means we’ve had fireworks going off for at least the past week. I figured with as many as are going off tonight that I’d be able to get a good picture to use for this post… as you can see, I was wrong. *laughs* Any time that I made it outside, no matter how… Read more »

Pinkie Dink

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I just finished off the little set of toy mice — hooray! The only downside is that I ran out of gray when doing the baby pinkie mouse, so I had to improvise. One ear is pink and black, the arms are black, and the legs and tail are the pink to match the parental mice. I also had to… Read more »

All Aboard the Free Meal Train!

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And by that, I mean my in-laws graciously had us over for Easter dinner. I ‘borrowed’ my father-in-law’s remotes table and curled up in my claimed chair, knitting and zoning out. I actually got through a pattern row and part of a purl row, so that was pretty impressive. As for gaming, I popped up Townsmen and left that running…. Read more »

At Least One Thing is Going Right…

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Work today was a disaster — if I could find the missing numbers last week, this week seems to be reinforcing that. I kept my cool about it though, and the plan for now seems to be that I am going to go in on Thursday, sit down with D, and between us we are going to make them beg… Read more »

Hooray for Alternatives

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I’ve been getting bit a bit by anxiety and insomnia the last couple of nights, and then I topped it off last night by forgetting to take my meds until Z reminded me that I’d forgotten. Whups. Thankfully, the bed in the guest bedroom is a magic fixative for me when I’m in dire straights. The room is the coldest… Read more »

Purrs Like a Kitten

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I ended up fiddling around with a couple of games on my laptop, after a nice long sludge in Diablo III. As much fun as that is, it does get boring after a few hours. I ended up back in Minecraft, and after a bit of fiddling, managed to get the game to remember that it’s supposed to operate off… Read more »

We Made Dis

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Today is ‘Mother’s Day’ in the United Kingdom. It’s actually Mothering Sunday, but borrowing the term from the thoroughly Hallmark’d holiday happened and stuck. This picture of Littlerbit’s random and adorable ringlets was taken over at Z’s parent’s house, where we were having lunch. We discussed how people spent stupid money for the day, and for what? Flowers that lasted… Read more »

Day of the Sock

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And voila, the first sock is done! Nearly. I still have to weave in all the ends, but the first being done means the roadmap for the second is laid out. I don’t know that I am going to cast on for that tonight… we’ll see. I have to get through this first, ha ha. It’s been a good day,… Read more »


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I have almost nothing to say about today, which really, means that I’ve done today properly. I knitted, as the picture hopefully indicates. I’m not too far off of finishing the first soak, though I’ve done like, *maybe* four rows today. I’ve been grinding breeding in Pok√©mon and playing Tropico 5, which has kept me rather busy. Z had spotted… Read more »


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I have somehow survived another day home with the kids. Heh, that makes the situation sound a lot worse than it was. They’re good kids who love to play with each other, but I keep having this stupid persistent throbbing headache, and it doesn’t mesh well with boisterous babes. I pulled Smallhausen over at one point and gave her hugs… Read more »