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One thing about myself that amuses and bemuses me is my ability for fine work. I can thread needles fairly easily. I can write super-tiny (this being a sample thereof), and I can do all that stuff I make for my shop. I also shake like a leaf by default. Still, I have to wonder what writing I could do with an even thinner pen… *grins*

I woke up in a rude amount of pain this morning. And by that, I mean baby fibro is trying to grow up, which is just rude. The generalised aching that is the norm was overlaid with, well… fire. All the fire. Nerves screaming fire. I took some ibuprofen and codeine and managed to get the edge off, but like. Body, staahp. I’m hoping that taking a good long soak tomorrow while the girls are at work with their father will offer some relief. It probably won’t, but I can hope.

Speaking of the girls, summer vacation rolls on. Littler is getting her head around toilet training, so that’s nice. Much like her sister, it’s got to be on her terms rather than ours, and I respect that. As I pointed out to my mother-in-law — yes, my generation were ‘trained’ sooner, but had a high incidence of night accidents because of being forced through it before we were ready. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have wetting issues (outside of a few times in adulthood pissing myself laughing <__<), but yeah. I’d rather the girls have time to get their heads around it and feel confident about what their bodies are doing.

Right, I need to go work on my knitting, and to think about what I am going to work on next.


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