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I couldn’t tell you why it amuses me, but that the wool has sort of developed a rounded shape on the top does at that. It also reminded me that the size of the cake has decreased enough that I can turn it on its side so it feeds through the spiral properly, so that has now been done. Huttah,… Read more »

Diablo and Chill

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Today, I am continuing in the glorious vein known as playing Diablo III, and working on my knitting. I decided to switch to Adventure mode for my play today, in part because it’s more bite sized, and in part because I am trying to break myself of an old must-do from my Diablo II days. See, I used to ‘need’… Read more »

Return to Red

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I’ve been slacking on my knitting because heeey, Diablo III. I’m close to finishing Act V again, so that is a slight bit more interesting than the old round and around. Having said that, I will probably switch to knit mode after dinner. My hands will be sad if they don’t make a few stitches, dontcha know. I have done… Read more »

Blanket Party

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There was a bit of snow on the ground when I woke up this morning — but only a bit. There was more plastered to the side of the car, which tried to cling on in spite of rain. It’s really cold and wet out there still, albeit still rain instead of snow. Between that and E not able to… Read more »

Trying Not to Let My Brain Explode

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Today’s picture comes to you compliments of tenacious snow-people shapes. It rained overnight and washed away most of the snow and ice, but there are still bits trying to cling on. It amused me to see three gardens in a row with shapes, so voila. Today’s subject line comes compliments of Mabel from Gravity Falls. While she was referring to… Read more »


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The next point that I have to think about doing anything on this jumper is at 3 and 3/4 inches — 3.75, if you will. It’s currently at just about 3 inches; I should probably try to estimate how many rows more I need to go. I also need to remember that when I do the increase that the pattern… Read more »

Third Time Around

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I have managed to make a lot of good out of this whole Monday thing for once. My morning writing efforts were knocked out well before the school run. I even had time enough to putter around a bit and get Littler’s ‘packed lunch’ ready for her when she got home. It amuses her to get her lunch out of… Read more »

Brutally Exhausted

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Z had a little errand to run today, so we turned it into the inaugural car journey for the family (the short drive from his parent’s house the other night not counting). We had a bit of paperwork to drop off at the dealership, and stopped at shop to get some lunch as well. It’s not much of an outing,… Read more »

Technique Testing

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In addition to the jumper that I am currently making for Z, I’m doing some blanket squares because heeeeey, all the blankets! I wasn’t terribly satisfied with the edges on the increased side of the square, so I’m tinkering with some other ways of increasing to give it a more uniform look. What I am doing right now gives it… Read more »

Nearly Party Time

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Tonight is the group meal for the Thursday knitting group. I’m looking forward to it, even if I have to surrender control to the rest of the world due to the car still being in need of repair. Mind, I trust J and E just fine on getting a lift there, and I don’t even mind the thought of having… Read more »