Not a Potion Bottle

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I’m not going to say what it is at this time, but it’s definitely not a potion bottle. Having said that, if I ever wanted to knit one, I think this would probably be a go-to pattern, ha ha. It was a little bit fiddly to get the neck to fold over, but I love the way it looks.

This morning was blissful with the girls not here. I love them more than words can say, but something about having a nice, semi-quiet morning with just my love in the room is something I certainly appreciate. We did our usual thing in our usual places, but just like… just us doing it. If you don’t have kids, it probably doesn’t scan well, but trust me. 🙂

Next week, the girls go back to school — славо богу. I’m pencilling myself in to take Friday off instead of my usual Monday. If that just happens to give me a four-day weekend, then yanno, why not. *chuckles* Plus, there’s only one year end that I know of for August, so if I can get that knocked out in full tomorrow, that would be awesome. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, dinnertime!


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