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Home Sweet Home

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We are home, and with no puke-based incidents! The littlest slept most of the way between ferry and home, so we managed to put off feeding her until we were safely back on terra firma. I think she was understanding of this, as she tried to sate herself with squash rather than demanding food. But yeah, we made it in… Read more »

Choo Choo

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Today, after getting led on a merry spirally chase by our sat-nav, we ended up at the steam train just in time for its pre-lunch trip. Perfect, non? Had a ride, had some food, and then rode the other train going the other way. That’s where today’s cover image comes from, by the by — for some reason, we keep… Read more »

This Again

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Okay so like, I’m pretty determined to continue doing this as a daily, but right now I’m just freaking annoyed as hell with it. I like to do things on a schedule me, and the way things are going across the vacation means I’m not getting to this until late. This feeds my annoyance and anxiety, and and and. *shrugs… Read more »


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In spite of me being antsy and cranky last night, things were fine. I had a good night’s sleep, got up, and had a nice bath. Clean hair? Awww yiss.    Well, it wasn’t exactly perfect right off either. Myself, Z, and his mother all seem to have been having morning headaches the last couple of days. I almost ditched… Read more »

It Was Grayer in Person…

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But then, that could have been because my glasses were covered in a fine spray. It wasn’t raining per se, but the wind was super-gusty, and it had water in it. I was amused when I took the picture and looked at it properly, ’cause seriously, the wet on my glasses meant that it looked loads darker. At this exact… Read more »

‘Tis a Lovely Day by the Seaside…

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And by ‘lovely’, of course, I mean ‘pissing it down with rain’. Because yanno, British and appreciate irony! Having said that, we knew there was supposed to be *some* rain this trip… but like, tomorrow. Instead, we’ve had a wet today, are forecast for a wet tomorrow, and apparently can expect like, an entire month’s of rain across it. Oh… Read more »

The Closest Thing to Hot Dog Legs…

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Yeah okay, once again I am borrowing a picture and then a bit from my Instagram. So sue me, ha ha, I’m tired. It’s been a long day, though a mainly good one. We got up and out of the hotel promptly, picked up some breakfast en route, and were one of the first in the queue to get on… Read more »

All in One

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I am in a hotel room with three other people. Two of them are young and the only reason they aren’t bouncing off the walls right now is because we crammed them full of food. I’ll take it, honestly! The drive here went well, outside of Littlerbit puking twice. Apparently, she’s inherited all of mine and Z’s genes for car… Read more »