Out of Doors

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I had a routine ob/gyn appointment this afternoon, which meant a brisk walk through the village to and from the surgery. I couldn’t help but notice all the lovely flowers on the way, so here’s a sampling of what I saw on my way around.

But, most importantly, the appointment being over means that I can *finally* move into thinking about vacation-related things. I got my pillbox sorted, and am definitely gonna be in the mood tomorrow to start sorting out what clothing I’m taking. We don’t leave until Saturday, so we have two days of pre-vacation to get things sorted. I might put my head to thinking up my packing list tonight, but I won’t push too hard on that either. It’s knitting tonight, so E will be coming around to hang out. 😀

*eyes empty list* I should probably try to populate that. More than likely, it’s just going to be ‘oh crap, shove things in a suitcase’. Whatever works, right?


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