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Mrs Frizz

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It has been… a very long day. I topped it off with running through super heavy rain with a cat carrier and a tray of milkshakes. And my hair just… this. *laughs* It’s brushed out now and not quite so floofy, but I was bemused by what the rain did. ((As for the cat, Halokitty had the best results of his… Read more »


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The third colourway on my blanket is progressing nicely. I don’t know what the next one is going to be, but I bet that my drawer will give me a goodun when I get there. Not a lot today. Didn’t get as much work as I wanted to get done, but that’s fine. Life rolls on and all that. Uh…… Read more »


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I scooped Vivi up for some pictures, and all of them ended up with him slightly blurry. Which, hilarious — like he’s trying to protect his visage or something, ha ha. Maybe he’s developing some sort of kitty superpower, who knows. Been a busy day all in. We went to Smaller’s school to talk to the speech and language therapist…. Read more »


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I was trying to get a picture of the jaunty way Vivi was standing… my effort failed spectacularly. Ah well, call it art and move on. One thing I can’t move on from is the news from the vet. Poor Halokitty’s blood test result came in like, 3 times higher than normal range. So now he needs a heart scan…. Read more »

Bears Squared

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Z surprised me the other day with some more pins for my board. The trifecta of bears is extra special, because of historical silliness. We were playing Lord of the Rings Online with one of my besties and her husband, and we were fighting bears, so I started falsetto singing BEARS BEARS BEARS to the tune of ‘Girls Girls Girls’, and… Read more »


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Halo is looking very fluffy right now. He’s not that fluffy, but he’s fluffy enough. He’s fluffy enough that I started having a panic that he hadn’t been sampled for his blood test, because I couldn’t see where they would have gone. Then I, finally, spotted a bare patch under his chin. Whew. I’ve had a nice trickle of Etsy… Read more »


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Today has been a bit of a fail of a day. We were late getting to the vets. The pre-appointment found that Halokitty currently has a heart murmur, so was in for a blood test rather than neutering. And then poor October, the Queen of Claws, had enough fleas that they wanted to treat her and wait before doing her… Read more »