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Best Girl

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Sometimes, one manages to get the best possible picture of their cat ever. This was one such picture. Don’t worry, she’s happy up there in her daddy’s arms. I couldn’t really get away with holding her the same way, but they have a special bond. It’s sweet. Today has been pleasant. I slept in, the air coming in the window… Read more »


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We really like our neighbours, next door in the other half of our terrace (or duplex, for y’all American sorts). I extra love that we can help each other out, and that when Smalls needs a haircut, that a haircut can be provided asap. S was thrilled ’cause she hasn’t been able to cut hair due to furlough, and this… Read more »

Twinkle Twinkle

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I know that I still have so much work to do on this, but there’s something about starting in the facial region that makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere. It also stops my brain from gnawing on the fact there’s a few stitches of green on the left missing, or wrong, and just like… fix it later. Maybe when/if… Read more »


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Z had to take Smalls into town to see the optometrist; we were a couple of months overdue at this point. Now Smalls, they love some McDonalds, and we’d not had any in a year (yanno, ’cause Coronavirus). Z had gotten his head around using the app and not having to deal with the drive-through, so that went smoothly. And,… Read more »

Still Haven’t Found

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So yeah, was pleased today, ’cause I was to the point where I could focus on catching up the accounts I had to use the alternative login for (aka, the one I don’t like and avoid using). I went to retrieve it from the ‘safe place’ where I kept it… and it wasn’t there. Anyways, one thing led to another,… Read more »

Olive x3

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There is more stemmage the other side of the cross-stitch, but I’m happy enough with the amount of dark and medium olive applied on this half to move on to light olive. There is loads yet to do, but at least I feel like it’s getting somewhere. I also feel like I’m getting somewhere with work,┬áslova Bogu. I’ve got most… Read more »

Forward Progression

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While there is still so very much to go in regards to getting my area organised, I feel like I’ve made a few good steps in the right direction. I’ve been doing like, -a- tiny thing at a time, but those tiny things do add up eventually. Having moved the stuff I use the most into my purple box is… Read more »

All Go

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I managed to make a little start on moving stuff around and clearing some junk out. I grumbled how much I hate adulting ’cause I had to throw out a pair of shoes I love… but that are no longer waterproof. It all works towards a happy end though, hopefully. As to crochet suddenly rejoining my other on-the-goes… Mum saw… Read more »

There’s Plotting Afoot

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The weather was nice today, so we decided to go have a little wander around the cemetery. Mum cracked me up; there were lots of cars parked up for both cemetery and river, and she said it was like ‘the Costa del Sol’. Yes, them overcast chilly Costa days, ha ha. But for Britain, it was perfect. ((I also found… Read more »

Head First

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It took much longer than I thought it would, but I managed to finally get the threads carded for the project. I had to look up several of the colours to try and make matches, and do that squinting thing where like, some of the colours are nearly frikkin’ identical, so. There’s a degree of ‘close enough’ to it, ha… Read more »