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Today has been a drama of waiting. I was waiting for my TOTALLY GAY storage to be delivered. It started out well with useful tracking information, which I kept a vague eye on. So imaging my surprise when it said it had been delivered and signed for. I messaged Z with a rather florid string of curses, and proceeded to… Read more »

Big Spender

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Today, I spent money. I spent most of what came in on the big order, but it was all stuff for the shop. I’ve got more storage coming in, packing materials, and of course, more findings and beads. Heck, I’ve even got some charms coming in to play with as well. I look forward to getting stuck in to playing… Read more »

In Order

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Today has basically been about getting things done in some order or another. I got some amount of work done. I got some bathing done. I made a point to make something for my shop, and to ‘advertise’ it. I guess it’s advertising when I make sure to write a post about it in places that people can see it… Read more »