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If I hadn’t already cottoned on to the fact that my baseline pain has gone up a looooot lately, the fact that I make hissing noises about a million times a day if I need to straighten up, or stand up, or like… anything… that would be a pretty glaring tell. I need to try to remember to take pain… Read more »


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I snapped this photo yesterday when Batman was confused by Smaller’s presence on the couch during the middle of the day. She decided she wanted to try and nap closer to parental support, and she did end up managing a little rest. She felt a lot brighter in the evening and went to school just fine this morning, so at… Read more »


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I am, somewhat grudgingly, making a point to crochet an edge around the squares I’ve been working on. I don’t think that it’s making them look any tidier, but eh. It’s probably worthwhile. Today has mainly been Z and I keeping an eye on Smaller. She came in this morning and said she was feeling poorly, so we’ve had her… Read more »


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I am feeling warm and a bit squishy today. The humidity is fairly high, and we could do with a bit of rain to clear the air. The rain is feeling very maybe right now, but yanno… fingers crossed. I’m also kind of flub-fingered today in a squishyhands way. I was preparing to take dinner dishes back to the kitchen,… Read more »

Aw Yiss

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I took this picture yesterday, but it’s still a good one to share. I obviously still need to do the books, but at least I got the storage units over to the side. I hadn’t thought about doing that until I got stuck into the cleaning, but it suddenly made itself clear that this was the right place. And, bonus,… Read more »


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Another poppy, I think? I love all the flowers I see around the village, but something about the ones escaping from the edge of peoples’ fences delights me more. Makes them feel… more real? Heroic? Defiant? Pretty, whatever the case. I don’t really have much to add to that. It’s been a long, busy week, and I’m glad to be… Read more »

Further Divinity

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Batman was being cute this morning when I was trying to drag myself out of bed, so I annoyed him by snapping a few pictures. He’s such a handsome rangy critter; I love that both of our cats have green green eyes. It’s a weird thing perhaps, but like… it matters to me for some reason? Anyways. They’re beautiful, and… Read more »

The Void Divine

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Poison has turned into quite the lapcat in the past year or so. But she upped her cuteness this morning by going full layabout. I mean, look at that face. Look at that sprawl. I can only worship at the altar of her cuteness. I’ve not done too much cleaning today, though I did sort through a few tiny bits…. Read more »

And More

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I ended up making more progress on my area, to include way overdue vacuuming. My back was mad at me to start with, and continues to be mad at me, but oh well. At least I feel like I made some significant progress in getting things into bins, and out of my space. There’s still so much that needs doing… Read more »

Bit by

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I am, slowly, chipping at some of the random pile in front of the corner bookshelf. It’s not super dire, but it’s still stuff that needs moving and processing before I start pulling out all the books. Yeah, didn’t end up doing it today — pain was high enough that I took some co-codamol for the first time in ages…. Read more »