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Butts Abound

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Me, being the mature adult I am, may or may not have drawn a butt on top of the Germoline in fabric paint. Which is to say that I totally did — because it amused me to. Too bad it wasn’t glow in the dark paint… hrm… *whistles innocently* Still, better to focus on the amusing over the annoying. For… Read more »


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I know it’s going to sound weird, but that cut there on my eyelid? Completely intentional. Probably stupid, but intentional. You see, I started developing skin tags after Smallhausen was born — but only around my eyes. And this one fucker on my eyelid. I know that I should have probably gone to a doctor to remove it, but I… Read more »


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Smalls has always been a bit reserved, and that includes how she’s related to our cats. She tried to pet them when she was very little, but it was less pet and more LET ME JUMP AT YOU, which yanno… cats don’t like. So they’ve not had a lot to do with her and vice versa. I managed to cajole… Read more »

Pieces of Flair

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(With special thanks to my friend Lori for accidentally gifting me tonight’s title) When I went to bed last night, I was coughing my head up. When I woke up, my head had returned, but only as a vessel for snot. I’ve mainly felt better though. I’ve not been as dizzy, nor have I felt quite as foggy. Having said… Read more »


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On reflection, I probably should have stayed in last night. Yes, I had fun, and I made progress on a blanket square, but I woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat. That’s still there (though improved by repeated moistenings), and my head has just floated off to Fluffland. I think that my plan for tonight is… Read more »


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Yesterday was a delightfully productive day, knitting wise. I finished off the last couple rows on the red section, and did a few rows on the blue. Considering each row is 370~ stitches, that’s a lot of work around. And I’ve managed to get a few more rows done today, which has been well pleasing. I got all my chores… Read more »