Stratford in Passing

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When we went a-visiting yesterday, the satnav sent us through the centre of Stratford for some random reason. We were lucky that it wasn’t too crowded, and I got to smile at the fact so many of the buildings have this sort of look that I associate with the first Elizabethan era.

Today has been… well. I slept in a bit because I could. I’m annoyed that being in a car yesterday was apparently overdoing it, because today I have been dealing with vertigo on multiple levels. Yesterday it had improved to the point where I could only hear it… I can hear and see it today. I’ve not done as good a job of drinking water today as I did yesterday, which might be a part of it, but eh. Hopefully it will be a bit better tomorrow.

For now, back to a bit of knitting and zoning out. And trying to remember to drink the water, yes yes.


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