The North Remembers

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In the UK, it is said that the north of the country begins after the Watford Gap services on the M1. Ergo, every time we go past the services and start seeing the signs for THE NORTH, I tend to have a chuckle and a mock scream about being in the north for a few minutes before we change roads and head back ‘south’. I didn’t get a picture of the sign that I wanted to because there were lorries in the way, so have this blurry AF sign compliments of the rain.

And why did we go north? Because we’re over at R & C’s house for some four-way birthday partying. Which means we’re sitting around playing games and chatting and not doing much of anything. I knew I would be okay once I got here, but the getting here was hard because heeey, sick. But at least I only had me and Z to tend to, as the girls are having a day with Z’s parents. I’ve already told Z there is a chance that I will have to sleep on the return trip in order to keep from being ill, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. I take my passenger assisting the driver role really seriously, and that includes the being awake and chatty.

I guess that’s about it. Back to knitting and chatting and imbibing fluids in the hopes that I feel human-shaped when we go home later.


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