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Bed Buddies

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While the girls have been sharing a room for some time now, they have something new in common — matching beds (and later this year, matching headboards). Littler’s bed was delivered this morning, and she had fun teasing her sister for having a ‘smaller’ bed. Small’s bed, being older, means that the mattress isn’t as perky, and it made for… Read more »


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351 refers to the number of stitches I had to cast on for this. I got lucky and got it right the first time — but I still counted it twice to make very sure that it was right. I’m currently knitting the first row before joining it in the round because it’s going to be easier to get it… Read more »

Sweet Treats

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Today is that ever so glorious day where it’s okay to take candy from strangers — Halloween! This is the first time that both of the girls are out making the rounds, and I hope that the three of them (’cause yanno, Z with them) have a good time. Smalls was also excited because this year she gets to make… Read more »

Not Spaghetti Squash

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Today, I had the dubious pleasure of coring four pumpkins for tomorrow. I don’t know what the frack happened, but two of them decided they were spaghetti squash and I had like, ALL THE STRANDS. My working theory of the moment is that it had to do with the tool I used on the two over the spoon I used… Read more »

Yay Tidying

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One of the projects Z has wanted to tackle for ages has been our pantry. Today was the day that he managed it, and he did a great job clearing out stuff. Winners included a can of tonic water from before we moved into this house, and a box of Stove Top that predated that. Whups. But it’s out of… Read more »


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Z was out earlier mowing the lawn. He’s not done it in a bit because either the grass was wet, or he’s been in too much pain. The girls wanted to go out and play with their scooter while he was out front doing it, so I opened the door for them. The light coming through the rotted mortar caught… Read more »

Serious Face is Serious

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Oh okay, it’s not actually serious. But as I forgot to take pictures earlier, I had to scramble for something and I thought ‘Selfie, ’cause hair stick’. Z found a green one that I’d mislaid years ago when we were going through stuff before bat got here, so I’m happy to put it to use. Nothing in particular happened today,… Read more »

Full of Stars

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I’m a sucker for new pajama bottoms any time I walk past a display of them. Which means that, mysteriously, I’ve acquired another pair in the past week. They get top marks so far, as they are kind of fuzzy, covered in stars, and has pockets. One of the pockets has a tiny hole in it, but yanno, that can… Read more »

Sugar Crush

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Cake! So many cakes! A surfeit of cakes! So what does Smalls want when she gets to pick? She asked for the cake I made and brought, ha ha. She had a cupcake as well, and decided that she needed to help me eat my lunch atop that. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour out of the… Read more »

Decreasingly So

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it last night, but I’m on the decrease now on this blanket. I finally hit the point where ‘bored now’ was taking over, so. I’m glad that I’ve done this blanket and done it this way, but still. I’m already ready to move on to another big project. Or maybe I just need to… Read more »