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What We Don’t Talk About

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One very cogent and true complaint I see of modern life is how we have this online medium to present a picture perfect life. Fights are glossed over or never mentioned, each child is more picture perfect than the last, and isn’t everything enviable? Everyone is perfectly in love with the love of their life, and everyone is shitting rainbows… Read more »

Oh Yeah, We Had a White Couch…

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Once upon a time, Z and I thought it would be a good idea to by a white/cream couch. Even with having a kid. Two kids and two cats and years later, we had a less-than-white couch. So Z decided he was going to do something about it instead of resting and relaxing. Oh yeah, and he bought some new… Read more »

Competing Interests

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I am currently trying to make myself sit down and knit things that were supposed to be done before or during vacation, ha ha. Alas for my knitting, my Pokémon addiction returned to its roots; I’d downloaded Pokémon Yellow for DS Virtual Console the day before we left, and dived back into it head-first. I’m so pleased with it that… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

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We are home, and with no puke-based incidents! The littlest slept most of the way between ferry and home, so we managed to put off feeding her until we were safely back on terra firma. I think she was understanding of this, as she tried to sate herself with squash rather than demanding food. But yeah, we made it in… Read more »

Slowly Packing it In

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Today is our last day of vacation. So instead of doing anything, we’re avoiding the daystar and chilling inside. Is fine by me; even if I wanted to see the wool shop, I’m much happier not moving. My back seized up rather painfully, so I took some Nurofen Plus, and it’s starting to unkink a little. It’s still painful, but… Read more »