Slowly Packing it In

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Today is our last day of vacation. So instead of doing anything, we’re avoiding the daystar and chilling inside. Is fine by me; even if I wanted to see the wool shop, I’m much happier not moving. My back seized up rather painfully, so I took some Nurofen Plus, and it’s starting to unkink a little. It’s still painful, but now it’s not quite as blindingly so.

But really, we are chill people. Chilling is our goal. And not being in pain. Stupid… pain. *grumbles* But still, we did make it down to the arcade to get more toys. We *will* get that last ice cream in. Past that, I don’t know what if anything will get done besides packing. And that’s okay too.

I think the hardest thing with returning to the ‘real’ world is that I’m going to have to check back in and pay attention to things going on outside of the vacation bubble. Mind you, I’m impressed I managed to do a vacation bubble. I’m wondering if I should apply something similar to my real life. Which is to say, tuning out some of the crap going on and do a better job of picking and choosing where to spend my fucks. Having said that, I think I’ve been doing that since Brexit anyways, so. Who knows.

Gah, still hurting. I am going to sit here and make stinkface until the pain evacuates itself.


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