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I can’t start on the next fruit yet, ’cause I apparently have zero 14-count Aida cloth. There should be some in tomorrow, so that’ll be neat. I’ve already done a rough patterning to work off of, and picked through my thread box for colours. I’m annoyed at how much buying ‘proper’ dmc thread costs; this was a discount bumper pack… Read more »

Flurry Fin

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I have to say, this pineapple is the fastest I’ve turned around a cross-stitch. I decided to only do the backstitching on the letters, and am overall quite happy with the result. But now I want to do mooooore cross-stitch. I made a point to do the fray stoppage on a bigger piece I’ve had languishing in the corner… I… Read more »


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I’m quite pleased with how my little pineapple is growing. I ended up filling in the pattern gaps with a dark yellow, which I think looks pretty spot on. And as you can probably see, I’ve got the word patterned out loosely on the edge of the grid. It’s not going to go there on the actual cross-stitch, but yanno,… Read more »

Why Not Both

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So, finished sock one. Started sock two. Childing the elder reminded me that I hadn’t started on the next in my sweary fruit series, so I made the effort to find a pattern and get started on it. Bonus — managed to get my damned bottle of fray check to open so I could treat the edges! I had to… Read more »


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This has been a weirdly chilly August. Like, I don’t think that we’ve had the a/c on since late June/early July. Not that I’m complaining — I’m happier when I’m chillier. But it does make me worry about the world at large, weather patterns, etc. Had a really good time visiting Mum this afternoon. We’ve really grown our mother/daughter vibe… Read more »

Slowly Does It

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I am, slooowly, getting a bit of speed with the twisted rib thingie. Having said that, I’m mainly distracted by Craft the World, so it’s going even slower for that reason too. Still, I’m feeling a little spoony, so have been able to drive myself to do a segment of a row before getting distracted; I’m aiming for half, getting a… Read more »


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Pokémon Go, to my amusement, continues to attract my attention a couple of minutes each day. There’s been a lot of in-game events lately, so I’ve been poking a bit more — also in part so I can hopefully, finally reach level 38 and nominate a Pokéstop within radius of my house, ha ha. I was bonding with my ghostly… Read more »


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I’m progressing really slowly on the cuff. I do like the look of the twisted rib, but it requires me to go a bit slower and pay more attention. I’m sure I’ll pick up a turn of speed once I get a bit more used to it, but for now… it’s still a smidge tricky. Today is our last day… Read more »


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Batman has been chilling on the back of the couch for a surprising amount of time today. In this pose, he’s demonstrating his superior longcattedness. He’s currently flipped around to look at me, which means I’m probably failing at reading his mind. Still, I’m enjoying having him around to pet. Our holiday time is winding down, so I made a… Read more »

Twist Time

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I did a quick measure of my sock, and yeah. I think I am going to switch to doing the ribbing at the top. The pattern suggests a twisted rib, which, sure! Why not! I don’t think that I’ve done one before, and it’s not like it’s tricky. Nothing much to say. Mum just left after a nice dinner, ‘away’… Read more »