Slowly Does It

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I am, slooowly, getting a bit of speed with the twisted rib thingie. Having said that, I’m mainly distracted by Craft the World, so it’s going even slower for that reason too. Still, I’m feeling a little spoony, so have been able to drive myself to do a segment of a row before getting distracted; I’m aiming for half, getting a quarter, and calling it a victory because progress is being made.

I had a bit of a laugh earlier. I had a message from Hermes telling me that my parcel was tooooo big, and that they had to get their specialist courier to deliver it. Y’all, it’s a 100g ball of sock wool. Z and I were making vogue shapes at each other trying to process how something that small requires special delivery. Maybe I won some sort of prize and didn’t know it? I absolutely checked to make sure I only bought the single ball, so. *laughs*

Anyhoos, onward, upward, etc.


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