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And lo, The Day of Spoop arrives, and I finally feel like I can wear my dress for the first time! I love the cut, and I love the embroidery, and I am gonna have fun running for the door tonight. I’ve got my eyes done up, and will slap on the black lipstick after dinner. Yes? Awww yiss. Z… Read more »

Autumn Sights

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I was delighted to clock this mushroom formation when we got into the office this morning. I didn’t get as good a picture as I wanted because I waited until *after* work, and there was a car in the way. Ah well. And  we were to the office super quick this morning; we were at the vampires for all of… Read more »

Cold Hands

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It’s the time of year where the temperatures haven’t changed, not significantly, but the distance from the daystar is enough that it feels colder and wetter. Z got me these fingerless gloves some Christmasses back, and they are my dearest friends through the chilliest bits of the day. I’ve had a good day all told. I managed to find some… Read more »

Progress Shot

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Well okay, it’s folded over itself, but it’s getting somewhere! My current plan is to finish the white band I’m on, do another blue, and then wrap the body up with the ribbing in white. It just seems more balanced in my head to do it that way, seeing how the top third is solid blue. That’s been about it… Read more »

Pinning On

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While I am not really in on the whole pin craze, I do have a couple. And for the sake of my unicorn, I actually bought a pack of rubber backs, ’cause she fell off my purse and the back went missing. She was the second unicorn to fall off, but at least the one I was able to recover…. Read more »

[[Spoopiness Intensifies]]

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Z and the girls took his mom to do her grocery shopping last night, and they came home with a little something for me. They’d spotted this and figured that it might be a fun addition to my Halloween get-up//in general fun lulz wear. I mean, why not? It’s super cute, and it’s on a headband, so it’ll be less… Read more »


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I still have some distance to go on Small’s jumper, but it’s nearing completion a lot faster than I thought it would. Which means having to think about doing one for Smaller, who has (unsurprisingly) requested rainbow. Which means hunting to find which brand has the best representation of the rainbow colours, and does she want a normal rainbow, a… Read more »

The View

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Littler enjoys contorting herself into weird positions to watch videos on her tablet; this is one of those fine examples. I’m not sure of the logic behind it, but if it makes her happy, then why not. It’s not doing anything or anyone any harm. What is doing me a harm is waiting impatiently in Fallout 4 for a settlement to… Read more »

Pretty Little Things

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I don’t have any particular idea what these flowers are, other than ‘purple’ and ‘pretty’. I could probably find it fairly easily online if I wanted to… but I don’t. So. *laughs* Today has been… meh. It feels later in the week than it is, so my head keeps getting thrown for a loop. I got almost nothing done work-wise,… Read more »

Funnier in English

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And by that, I mean American English. While most of my language usage has switched exclusively to British English, I still have little things like this that amuse me more than they probably should. So yanno, be amused. Or not. 🙂 I got off to an early start this morning. I had to go by the doctor’s office for my… Read more »