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So uh, fibro flare. I decided today to take some pain meds to see if it made it a bit better. Hahahah, it made the sparks brighter. Ow. Oh well. Having said that, maybe the edge dulled a bit when I took a co-codamol, so that might be tomorrow’s science if it’s still being ouchy. Science!

Other science for the day was doing some cabochon gluing. I think I’ve got my head around how to best do it and not get any air bubbles, which is win. Not that my efforts to date have been particularly bubbly, but no bubbles is obviously even better.

What else… all three of the boys are looking at me. Mates, I literally just fed you. Like, in the past 10 minutes. Maybe these are stares of ‘thank you, mother’, but probably not, ha ha.


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