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I don’t know where my brain is this month, but I’ve now managed to miss multiple appointments at the surgery. I’m feeling a bit stressed about it, not gonna lie. But there is nothing I can do right now, so I am going to do my best to put it aside and not dwell. I had a hankering to reorganise… Read more »


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Here y’all, have a picture of Vivi looking loafish last night. It sort of conveys what the heck was going on, but like… loaf. Such a weird cat shape this loaf was. It’s been a foggy day brain-wise, but not too bad. I got work done I wanted to get done and am still on top of everything. I’m making… Read more »

Here Here

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I live, honest. I’ve been super busy lately doing stuff to get my co-op shop ready. But it’s ready, it’s up, and you can shop it easily from Because yeah, I’m fancy like that. It’s mainly the same stuff that’s on my self-hosted shop, but obvs, I would like to drive traffic to the co-op and help it grow…. Read more »

Bros Bros Bros!

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Lookit, boys being cute. This was probably the double-barrelled ‘Mother, why do you let us waste away?!’ look, but hrmph. CUTE. SUCK IT! *laughs* Been keeping busy this week. On top of work in a way I’ve not been in ages. Making progress on a hat, and getting a slow start on listing my not-fundraiser things on the Co-op. Yup,… Read more »

Trip Along

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Trip along my mindless wavelessThoughts they carry on…… — Trip Along by Tripping Daisy IT’s been a mindless cheerful sort of day, doing the things I like to do. Gaming occurs, knitting occurs, chatting a bit with friends even. I decided to give up on the current No Man’s Sky expedition and return to my normal game, because the expedition was taking… Read more »


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Z surprised me the other day with a bunch of new pins. So yanno, got another board strip up, and set to getting them in situ. I’m overall happy with how things are, and he’s happy that we have more wall art now. 😀 I missed y’all last night ’cause there was a Co-op Members only meeting… it was good!… Read more »

Next Up

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It’s been a lovely busy day. Got lots of work done. Did my first handmade verification for the co-op. Ate pizza, and am making progress on the second hat in the pattern. I’m kind of surprised to be stuck in to it when I just completed the same pattern, but I’m definitely not complaining. Anyhoos, back to that! 😀 <3

Must Dash

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So. Finished my first co-op hat today, mailed out the hat today. This one is going swapsies for a ceramic chicken! So that’ll be neat. I’ve already started on the next one, which surprised me a little bit, but eeeey. Z and I have both been playing with our new toy a bit today. We both did some stickers and… Read more »