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I live, honest. I’ve been super busy lately doing stuff to get my co-op shop ready. But it’s ready, it’s up, and you can shop it easily from Because yeah, I’m fancy like that. It’s mainly the same stuff that’s on my self-hosted shop, but obvs, I would like to drive traffic to the co-op and help it grow.

So yeah, put that aside, and today was a leaving the house day. Spouse and I were due our biannual eye test, and indeed, my eyes are worse again. Well, the right eye is a fair bit worse and the left is apparently the same, but I’m okay with this? The right eye getting worse puts it closer in line with the left, which hopefully means seeing will be a more viable prospect.

I also, while I was there, asked about Binocular Vision Disorder, and whether or not prism lenses would help me. The tl;dr is no, and no… but at least I know. On the whole, I think I feel better about this pair of glasses coming than I have the last couple pairs passed. We’ll see!

For now, gonna sit back, run some Serf City, and work on my sock. Is good.


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